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On the way to see the doctor, again, a little bright spot in an otherwise home-bound week in Tours, France. The diagnosis is that we both have a respiratory virus that must run its course. And any medications to relieve the symptoms – dry cough, aches, a general malaise – are not recommended because of, wait for it, … our age. Independent travel has its challenges, and being able to find medical care when needed can be frustrating. Everything is so different here. But we have stumbled through the language and cultural roadblocks well enough that we feel we will survive. Unfortunately, as the clock ticks down on our time here, we are told that we must be patient.

But, we want to play, wander, see, drink wine, eat out, and do all those things we like to do. No, not now. For  now we have to dial it back and enjoy the view from our apartment between the fits of coughing. 

At least going to the doctor was a pleasant stroll outside in the sunshine, together.

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  1. Sending love

  2. Finding joy in an otherwise gloomy diagnosis. Feel better soon.

  3. Bummer! But knowing you Two, you will make the best of it!😀👍

  4. So sorry this virus is hanging on. Been praying for you that this improves quickly.

  5. Oh my Oh my Oh my… Heart Hugs… Inhale… Exhale… Sigh…

  6. I’m so sorry you’re sick! Hope you get well soon!!

  7. Keeping you two lifted up in my heart and prayers that y’all get better to enjoy your travels.

  8. AHHHHHHHHHHH! That is me sharing your frustration. And you cannot even enjoy any home cooked meals with the fresh veggies and fruits they have at the marche. So sorry this is happening. Of course wishing you both a quick recovery, especially by tomorrow to enjoy your excursion to see more chateauxs.

  9. Chris and Jeannie, we wish you a speedy recovery so you can return to the finer things in life! Cory, Michelle, Bradley and Connor

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