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Whispering Floors

Whispering floors-161024The wood floors whisper underfoot as I wander the house, alone, for the last time. The furniture has been sold or taken to storage, there is no art on the walls, no sounds but the air conditioner and its cooling breeze. From room to room memories waft about, reminding me of so many good times. Neither Jeannie nor I have shed tears over this departure; we try not to look behind us, rather ahead. Just as the house before the fire was forgotten long ago, we let the importance of the experience have its profound and lasting positive effect on us – and we move forward.

The house is empty,
Now just filled with memories.
Adventures to come.

_MG_8150Of the many things that we will miss most about the house will be the outdoors. Our property backed up to a wooded wetland and its lush green landscape was a continual source of peace and amazement. It was a place filled with life. Birds, butterflies, and dragonflies would cruise through the air; mammals, from squirrels and possums, to deer and foxes, and bobcats to bears would wander through our yard. After heavy rains, the frog population emerged, and many square miles of frog habitat would resound with their songs

The frog chorus sings
with thousands of small voices.
Celebrating rain.

 _MG_8147There are too many wondrous things we received from the place where we lived to mention them all. We always felt honored to live where seeing a large bear wandering down the middle of the street was not unexpected; where finding that deer had once again eaten part of the landscape (they are not deterred); or even seeing, with a flashlight, the thousands of tiny nocturnal spiders in the lawn that climb blades of grass hoping to catch some unwary moth or mosquito. Wondrous indeed.

Yes we will miss our home and its surroundings. While we had been in this house (post-fire for ten years, and three pre-fire), we had been in the area for over 30 years. So many good times, good places, and of course, good friends.

But wanderlust has made us want to travel more. Retirement has given us opportunities that must be taken now. Reevaluating what is important; we have learned the significance of not delaying this new adventure until tomorrow.

Pulling the door closed,
our memories leave the house.
They will come with us.


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  1. I’m so glad u guys are doing the things you like to do, and that you both like to do the same things. Please keep up your adventures so those of us, who, thru 42 years of marriage, have not been able to work out doing things together. I’d love to get him qualified to jump out of airplanes, but he has no interest. Do you guys have any secrets to a great friendly, loving marriage, besides not having kids? LOL

    1. No secrets LuAnne, and the no-kids thing is no guarantee either. We are lucky that our paths were adjacent to each others. Really lucky.

  2. I applaud you two. Preparing to leave our house of 17 years for…..another house about a mile away. Sorting into pack, garage sale, Goodwill, and garbage, but each thing holds memories so it’s hard to go fast. And the house itself has oh so many memories. Our next chapter awaits and we look forward to following yours.

  3. I have great respect for your courage to forge ahead into new adventures!
    fabulous times are ahead for you, though you will be missed……….

  4. In a world in which change has become so fast and frequent, leaving a place that has provided such comfort and stability for so long becomes that much more poignant. Carol & I can relate.

  5. What a beautiful way to look at this. You guys are an inspiration to us all.
    Happy travels!!! You will be greatly missed!

  6. Beautifully spoken, love this…

  7. Inspire the moment … love this share so very much.

    1. Thanks again Cathi.

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