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Where are Chris and Jeannie, literally?!

Chris and I are now in the small town of Kinnitty, Ireland, relaxing in the parlor of the Ardmore Country House B&B. Well, I’m relaxing and Chris is furiously composing and typing the next blog post. His goal is to get it published before we leave Ireland in 3 days. This will be a great story with lots of good photos, but we are falling further behind because we are quite busy enjoying this great little country. In fact, a friend posted on FaceBook today, where are Chris and Jeannie, literally?!

While Chris is busy researching, composing, typing and tagging pictures, I thought I’d find a quick way to bring you up to date. As many have realized by now, I don’t write much. Numbers are my focus and you wouldn’t find my spreadsheets very interesting.  I do have a great pivot table which shows our different categories of expenses totaled for each year since 2013 (pre-slow nomad life). I like seeing how we’re managing our expenses as we move further down this traveling life. But I digress from the intent of this post, and you’ve probably already started dozing!

So you may be wondering, where are the Fooshees and what are they doing that they are too busy to write. So without further delay, here is a summary of the highlights from the last 3 weeks, and the topics of future blog posts. We have had a bit of rain here but not enough to slow us down and catch up on writing. It will take a bit of compression and elimination for Chris to bring our posts up to date. Stay tuned…

Where we’ve been/what we’ve done Date
Last Post Killarney-Dingle Peninsula drive Mar 19-21
Since then Killarney-Gap of Dunloe walk Mar 25
Killarney-Beara Peninsula drive Mar 30-31
Killarney-anniversary dinner (42) with Irish friends Apr 1
Killarney-many walks (Muckross House, Ross Castle, Blue Pool) Apr 2-8
Killarney-Trad music sessions Apr 2-8
Doolin-Cliffs of Moher walk (gale force winds) Apr 10
Doolin-guided walk in the Burren Apr 11
Doolin-music sessions Apr 11
Doolin-ferry to Aran Island Inisheer Apr 12
Doolin-another walk in the Burren Apr 13
Kinnitty-music session with 11 musicians Apr 13
Kinnitty-2 hikes, total 12 miles Apr 14
Kinnitty-Lough Boora Parklands & Clonmacnoise Apr 15


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  1. I wish I had some of your organizational skills Jeannie! Thanks for the update!

  2. Nice spread sheet of activities.

  3. I agree with the previous post that I feel that I have seen Ireland with you. Enjoy and keep the pictures coming.

  4. I love the music lessons. This was one of my favorite parts of my journeys afar. Did you learn a new instrument? What an awesome journey!

  5. Thankyou for y’alls updated status as you journey on. Enjoy and mega blessings.

  6. I was getting reallyworried as I hadn’t heard from you all and was getting ready to try and find you, when someone else posted the “where are the Fooshee’s?” What a relief!

  7. Wow! I’m exhausted just reading of your schedule for the past 3 weeks. Looks and sounds like you’re having a blast. Stay safe.

  8. Thanks to you, RIck Steeves is polishing up his resume.

  9. Except for the lower temperatures, I could be envious of you. I’m really so happy to visit Ireland this year through your blog and photos. Thank you for sharing your adventures!

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