Wanderlust Strikes Again

View of Verona from the Roman Theater. - WCF-3356.jpgJune 2019 – So much can change in one year! It’s hard to believe that it was twelve months ago we returned from three-months of travel in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. We walked Italian cities, hiked the Slovenian countryside, and cruised on the Adriatic along the Croatian coastline aboard a small ship. It was a great year of travel and the fifth year since we embarked on our long-stay adventures.

Over the past five years, whenever we would return to Florida, we began to notice the increasing costs of housing and transportation (among other things). We had only been in our apartment for the past two years, but then our monthly apartment rent and water/sewer services increased, and the monthly cost for renting a car had been increasing steadily and significantly since we began our travels. This triggered another “rent vs purchase” discussion, Chris did his research, Jeannie built a spreadsheet with full analysis, we took a vote and bought a car.

WCF-0004.jpgIt wasn’t long after we began planning our future travels, that we knew we would need to store the car while we are away for three or more months at a time. Cars don’t fare too well sitting undriven, outside in Florida’s hot, summer climate, so all things considered, it was time to purchase a home base with a garage rather than continuing to rent.

But where? 

Rovinj, Croatia - WCF-0820.jpg

We had done some research and wanted to consider other areas of the southeastern US for a home base. Specifically the Asheville area of North Carolina and the Knoxville and Maryville areas of Tennessee had caught our attention. After delightful visits to each locale we decided to remain in Florida. The thought of living and driving in cold, snowy and icy conditions intimidated Jeannie. And since we are away from friends and colleagues for 3-to-6 months during our travels, we didn’t want to be permanently away from those we’ve known for 40+ years.

Wekiva Home - WCF-5095.jpgOur number one criteria in a new home started with being able to walk to a grocery store. Since this is the way we shop when we travel, we wanted this for our home base as well. Also important was a place with minimal maintenance that we could easily lock-and-leave for our travels.

Proximity to nature was a major factor for us. After a bit of looking, we found a townhouse in the Wekiva area of Longwood Florida, within three miles of the Wekiwa Springs State Park, a favorite place of ours. We have lived close to and enjoyed the Park since 1983, and knew this was still the right place for us.

Wekiva_Home--20.jpgThe entire process of buying and moving went rather smoothly, and while there were some things in our new home that we changed or updated, even those projects were completed without difficulties.

As we settled in, we discussed when and where our 2019 travels would take us. Our short list contained Argentina, Greece and Portugal, and in the end we decided on Portugal. And since we still wanted more time to put our new home in order, we looked further down the calendar to a departure in August. Wow, so we’ll have an entire year stateside, a first in 6 years!

Once our basic overseas travel plans were set (more on that later), and our new place was feeling like home, it was time to resume wandering, this time stateside. So, we made several trips to visit family and friends in some far ranging parts of the country.

Our travels after our return in June 2018 included:

  • Located off the Pacific Coast Highway between Corona del Mar and Laguna Beach, California, Crystal Cove State Park is one of Orange County's largest remaining examples of open space and natural seashore. - WCF-4417.jpgSeptember 2018 – A Southern California trip with Barb, a good friend, to visit other friends (Bill and Jane) at their lovely home in Rancho Santa Margarita. This visit set the stage to go whale watching, visit some iconic seaside towns and beaches, and enjoy copious wine and good food!
  • November 2018 – Texas (Houston and Austin) was the next destination for a wedding and good times with family visits with nephews and nieces, grand-nephews, grand-nieces and new baby. My brother, Mike and his wife Kathy, on his first travel since his injuries in Italy, joined us.
  • April 2019 – Jeannie ventured off to the Big Apple for a girlfriends reunion to see Hamilton!
  • Great white trillium - Trillium grandiflorum. - WCF-6503.jpgMay 2019 Sheboygan Wisconsin, Jeannie’s parents’ home town, was the location for a whirlwind visit of cousins and grand-cousins. The region was cold and colder, with only one sunny day. But although spring still had a few weeks before its full appearance, the visit was warmed by the hospitality and good times.
  • June 2019 – Our Southern road trip to visit friends, family, and former colleagues in Georgia, North Carolina (including over two weeks of house-sitting at the edge of the Smoky Mountains) and Virginia, was especially delightful. It was a month of renewing friendships, visiting family, hiking mountains, and seeing many waterfalls; oh, and a five-day rain.

WCF-2019.jpgCurrently, we are home for about a month before we fly to Portugal the first week in August. We’ll begin in the north of the country in Porto. There we’ll have an apartment for almost two months, exploring the city famed for its history, food and its “Port” wines. At the same time, we’ll take trains or buses further afield to some of the vineyards (maybe in their autumn colors), medieval villages, and Roman ruins. For the remaining five weeks, we’ll take time to dwell a couple of nights in Evora before occupying an apartment in Lisbon, exploring this city’s treasures, and the surrounding countryside as well.

At least that’s the plan …

Thanks for following along, your comments, complaints, and corrections are always appreciated.

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  1. Have just caught up with all your travels and house move. Sounds good. Local friends just did our Slovenian holiday which they loved and were full of admiration for our mountain hikes (younger than us). We loved Porto and enjoyed just sitting still sipping Port and tonic. Try Greece next time. We return in September for probably our 30th visit. Love to you both, Janet and Paul

    1. Good to hear from you! So many places to choose from, Greece is on our list. We may be heading your way next year, but need to decide what region for walking. Let’s keep in touch!

  2. Well, that is a whirlwind “back to the mainland” home visit coming to a close. Looking forward to seeing Portugal through your eyes. Peaceful travels you Phooshes.

    1. We’ve enjoyed our stay in the US, and all the time we had with friends and family. The clock is ticking for the next adventure to begin, and we are soooo ready! Always glad to hear from you; you’re in our hearts as we travel.

  3. You should visit us in winter and could temporarily call the blog “snow mads”. Love your stories and of course the perfect pics.

    1. I think the next time we see you should be in Florida; we’ll provide a great break for you and MJ from the Sheboygan weather! We’ll be back at the end of October; just email or call to get on the Foosh-bnb calendar.

  4. Love all the florals and pics of nature!

    Very wonderful commentary and review of your stateside wandering!

    Completely agree with decision not to live in cold?

    We are contemplating a half year split between Jax and VA, Granddaughter growing toooo quickly.


    1. So glad you enjoy; Chris does a great job at capturing the beauty of our travels. Enjoy life and have fun, wherever you are!

  5. Well the time spent in Florida went by fast! We were so glad to see both of you a couple of times while you planned the next adventure. Of course the amazing stories that you share with all the “Slow Nomads” followers are going to much anticipated! Wishing you safe travels!

    1. If we don’t get up your way before the end of the month, you’ll be high on the list when we return. Can’t wait to see the new decorations as you continue to settle into your new place! Hope you enjoy Portugal too!

  6. I really enjoyed this post. Good recap of travels and homes. Love the pictures, especially when I get to see Jeannie

    1. And where are you on your travels this summer? Hope it is cooler and you’re having fun. We’ll see you after we return. I’ll have to get some pics of Chris in the next blog, he usually has quite an assortment of photos of me to choose from, occasionally a good one:)

  7. So very happy you decided on Florida!

    1. So we both moved last year, but still about the same distance. Glad we’re staying close!

  8. I can’t wait to experience your next adventure, thanks for sharing.
    Love the beautiful pictures!

    1. Hope to see you before we leave, and hear about your adventure this month!

  9. It was great to see you during your stay in Hendovegas. I am looking forward to following your Portugal adventure.

    1. We enjoyed our visits with you. Will let you know when we’ll be in your area again. And please do plan a visit to Fl, when we are home!

  10. I can hardly wait!

    1. We’re glad to still be neighbors!

  11. Wow. Thanks for taking us through the US. Great pictures as always. Hope to get together before you leave again.

    1. We love reading your blog and viewing your amazing photos. We are happy you chose to stay in Wekiva. Just yesterday we returned from an amazing trip to Portugal. It is a beautiful and very interesting country. You will love it !

      1. Glad to hear you’ve been traveling. Let’s get together before the end of the month; we’d love to hear about your time in Portugal!

    2. It’s good to still be close enough to see friends between our adventures. See you soon!

  12. I’m glad that y’all decided to stay in Florida before you trek on over to Portugal. Always enjoy your journeys via your blog.

    1. It was a big decision but mutually agreed. We now have a great home base from which to continue our adventures! And we’ll able to continue our St Aug lunches!

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