Un jour de pluie …

The morning from our window - 6191Weathermen and meteorologists. You really don’t trust them, but you consult them all the time. Plans are made or not based on their prognostications. But (in Florida at least) they are wrong SO often, AND they keep their jobs. Well, here in southern France The weather forecasts have been similar. The rain chances for say Monday are 100% early in the week, one day later they are 10% then 100% then 100%, the next day until Sunday the rain chances return to 100%.

The forecast was for all of Monday to be a washout. Indeed it did rain, but lightly and only briefly in the morning. We were prepared for a day inside. Besides, a rainy day would have been good for visiting art galleries and museums, but in France they are all closed on Mondays. So what are we to do? We’ll bundle up in rain gear, grab the umbrella and go for a walk.

But first, before the rain began, we got up early to walk about 90 m to the local pâtisserie to buy croissants to go with our morning coffee. Fresh, local croissants are like nothing else you can eat, and in France, well … enough said.

The rain then began, but didn’t last long, and we had a delightful day. We negotiated the trams, traveling out to the suburbs and back. Shopped for some grocery staples, ate crepes for lunch, again stopped by Les Halles Castellane for some homemade soup and fresh vegetables for dinner.

After returning to the apartment to put the foods away, we read for a while with a cup of tea, and then walked the short distance to St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica (the first stones having been laid in 1364). Wandering about for a while longer, we picked up a fresh baguette to go with our dinner. … Yum.

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  1. Just found Maison Justin Boch. Meet up with me at Fitzpatrick’s. St. Peter’s search sent me to the one in England. I found Saint-Pierre. One in the same, it seems, in France. Where to next?

  2. Give me a street name. I am trying to find you on Google Earth. Where are you in Montpellier?

    1. Try Place de la Canourgue, Montpellier, France.
      Our apartment looks out over this delightful little park.

  3. Un juor du soleil!

  4. Very cool, show me more food … the pastries yum … wine yum!

  5. It appears that u r settling nicely! I am envious but so happy for u. Enjoying the adventure is charming. Chris u should write a book. I look forward to your daily posts! Take good care. Xoxoxo

  6. Sounds wonderful. You guys have a fantastic trip. Enjoy your time there in your surroundings have fun and be safe!

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