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Tour de Tours


Being sick is no fun, no matter where you are; but when you are on holiday, it’s an insult as well. The respiratory virus (covid and flu were both ruled out) that attached itself to us during the early days of our third week in Tours, France was intent on making our lives miserable. It succeeded with symptoms that included nasal congestion, headaches, and an unpredictable dry cough (worse at night), such that stepping out in the cold air, often wet and windy, just didn’t feel enjoyable.

To be honest, there were bright spells, both in the weather and our spirits, when we got out to explore a little, or at least get to the super marche to pick up something for lunch or dinner, or more cough drops. We couldn’t really eat out, as a coughing attack could start an any moment; and our taste buds were hit by both the virus and our consumption of Ricola cough drops. Not even wine tasted good.

So, rather than show a bunch of images of the view from our apartment balcony, here is a collection of images of Tours during our stay both before and during our recovery. And as an update, almost eight weeks after symptoms first appeared, we still have a lingering cough, but otherwise have recovered.

Enjoy the images.

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  1. The doors are fascinating. Could result in a coffee table collection. Thank you. Interestingly, our household was sick with what seemed to be a similar virus during your trip as well. Not fun

  2. It was a bummer to hear you both were sick on your trip. A lovely view probably wasn’t much consolation. Lovely photos were collected non the less, as always with your artists eye!

  3. You are both rays of sunshine on this planet. Even with tissue on the ready.

  4. Loved the pictures as always. You always make us feel as if we were there (wait we were!). 🙂

  5. So sorry ‘the Yuck’ is still lingering. Hope it’s all gone soon. Love the pics. Especially like Jeanie’s new pjs 😉
    The wisteria & various door shots I liked a lot

  6. I sympathize with your coughing dilemma and was going to make some kind of joke about coughing / coffin. Then I read a synonym for coffin is mourning wood and thought “wow, this is getting pretty far off base”, so I gave up that angle.

    If you were closer I’d share my Luden’s sugar free wild cherry with you – I buy in case quantity due to seasonal allergy cough for 40 years.

    Even though your health news is sad still good to hear from you and to see your beautiful photos.

  7. I’m so sorry that y’all were going through all of that misery. I’m glad that you both are feeling better. I like the photos of the scooters and the blue Triumph.

  8. Sorry that you both were so ill. It does dampened your spirits when on vacation. Loved all your pictures. Jeannie flirting!?! Interesting pizza slice. Liked the blue triumph. Glad you shared some of your food purchases. Take care.

  9. Good you’ve recovered, hope the last cough disappears soo too.

    Luckily, it seems we avoided completely catching any of yours 🙂

    Thanks for the memories.

  10. What a splendid life you lead sans your covid cold., money to travel, love, companionship. Lucky you.

  11. I hope you’re all better by now. Being sick on vacation is an insult indeed. I love all the photos, as always. Jeannie flirting, cherry blossoms in the gutter, view over Jeannie’s laptop.

  12. What an enchanting place to visit even amongst the pitfalls of feeling under the weather! Loved all the pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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