Torture, c’est de la torture!

SALE - p1010391Those who know me know I have a bad habit, shopping! I have been going thru a gradual withdrawal over the last 8 years, since I left the professional, high-pay, high-stress IT life. And now that we are downsizing, I avoid the temptation to buy things since everything must soon be either sold, given away, put in storage, or fit in one suitcase (size still being debated). So it makes no sense to continue to accumulate.

So how did we time our visit to France to coincide with the first of two annual, government-approved sale events across the country? Every storefront displays banners with large letters declaring “SOLDES”, which means “SALE”. Everywhere I turn the stores scream at me to shop. I can save 30%, 50%, even 70% on really great stuff!

And to add insult to injury, today we walked thru the Polygone (Montpellier’s large shopping mall). But it’s Sunday and all stores are closed!! Buying bread, cheese, and lavender honey does not satisfy the urge to shop!

So my daily mantra must be, just say NO to the soldes. Well, maybe a scarf or pair of earrings, if I promise to bring it with me when we start our nomadic life. Or who do I know with a summer birthday that might benefit from a moment of weakness in Montpellier in February?

Now here’s what my daily torture looks like!

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  1. Temptations galore 🙂

  2. “Scarves and Earrings” – Perfect purchase for nomadic life! Richard and I always try to find a heart-shaped stone to bring back……..and by stone….. I mean rock…….and I don’t mean of the gem-type! “-)

  3. Be strong, Jeannie, be strong! You can do it – resist! LOL

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