Street Art in Bergen

WCF-0922.jpgFor most people, the words “graffiti” and “street art” are interchangeable. However, since street art evolved from graffiti, there are noticeable differences and similarities. There are differences in style and purpose, and one is often vandalism, and the other sanctioned. But both are on a continuum and there is no fine line to separate one from the other.

Here we share what we think of as “street art” from the streets of Bergen.



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  1. Many smiles incurred!

  2. Nice variety of stencil, wheat paste and traditional murals!!! Fun stuff.

  3. Oh kapow, W Chris! Know I’ll be revisiting this again..

  4. Thanks, again!

  5. Love the mother texting whle strolling with her baby. I hope both made it home safely! Strong reminder to ignore my phone while I’m driving.

  6. These are awesome, some look familiar

  7. How interesting. An outdoor art museum.

  8. So many! Fun to see the happy ones today

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