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SOLDOur realtor came by on Friday May 16, and we signed all the paper to put the house on the market. The house was ready to show. Saturday we went to Tampa to visit Jeannie’s dad, so we left the house tastefully lit with background music playing. All day Saturday we kept checking for calls that someone wanted to see the house … nothing. However, Sunday brought not only two showings, but two offers, and one at our full asking price! Monday arrived with contracts bouncing back and forth. An agreement, with signed contract, was reached late Monday night. YAY … I think.

With any luck we won’t have to constantly clean and pick up every little thing to keep the house show-room perfect – not that we were ever slovenly. But now Jeannie’s spreadsheets and calendars are taking a turn into the realm of final packing and travel planning. Not that we weren’t working on that before, but my, how fast priorities can change.

I have always said that there are three kinds of things:

  • Things you have to do,
  • Things you need to do,
  • Things you want to do.

I generally do the things that I have to do, then I do the things I want to do. I ignore the things that I need to do because they will eventually become things that I have to do and will get done, or rarely, they become things I want to do and they get done. And sometimes they just go away. Luckily Jeannie has learned to live with me and my system just as I have learned to live with her spreadsheets and calendars. And just as luckily some of each of us had rubbed off on the other.

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  1. Woo Hoo! I guess this means that I need to get my place cleaned up for your visit.

  2. Unbelievable! Things! Becoming new Things! And I am SO eagerly delighted as you forward motion more! WoW <3

  3. Wow…congratulations! That’s how things were moving when we sold ours. Just crazy and dazy (as in I bet you are in a daze).


  4. I think this was all meant to be. Congrats from Debi

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