Slow Nomads?

We have always enjoyed travel, and our retirement made the prospect of longer adventures even more inviting. The only thing that held us back was the responsibility and expense of our home and all our stuff. So, in 2014, we sold the house, cars, much of our stuff, putting enough into storage to restart a small home at some date in the future, and took off.

This blog is our journal and photo album of this adventure, mostly in Europe. We discuss some of the research and preparations, but it doesn’t give any of the practicalities; we don’t tell you where to go, stay, where to eat, how long to stay somewhere. Rather, the focus is what we saw and experienced and felt while we were there—what we saw and thought about where we were, and we share it with anyone who wishes to take the time to view it.

A good friend said that following along with the blog was like stowing away in our backpack … we hope you feel the same.


Chris and Jeannie Fooshee