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Settling In

It’s been a long time since Chris and I set up household in a new place. How quickly one forgets all the little details, and working in a different language adds a whole new dimension.

Last week we set up our mailbox; this was pretty simple as no language or bureaucracy was involved. Chris tried what he assumed was our mailbox key on our apartment keyring in each box that did not have a name. Voila, the key opened one; guess that is now ours. All it needed was our name and that was handled with one of our cards and scissors. Now our names are displayed on our mailbox. And we even have a reason to check it each day as we wait for the response regarding our visas.

P1010503.jpgThe next step was to purchase a bus/metro pass for the time we will be in Rennes. This was fairly painless but required a brief cost-benefit analysis (even when retired!). The friendly, young lady at the counter spoke less English than we spoke French but we completed the application, she took our picture and money, and we walked away with our pass. Looks like we’ll be taking the bus and metro to new areas of town, both to explore and to make sure we get our money’s worth!

We attended a free organ concert Sunday afternoon, and then wanted to pick up something easy for dinner. But since it it was Sunday the market and grocery stores were all closed. Dinner turned out to be pretty basic (imagine that in this country!) as we didn’t want to eat out again. So today we went grocery shopping, as it is time to set up our small pantry for times like yesterday. We took the metro to the Carrefour; did we mention that their Super Target-like store is located in a very nice shopping mall? Just plain cruel I say. But I am strong and can resist temptation (and besides, my suitcase was too full on the way here!)

While collecting our staples, we noticed that many items showed a lower price if you have their store loyalty card. Hmmm, another language challenge to navigate. I took the easy way on this by using Google translate on my phone. When there are people behind you in a grocery store line, it is best to complete your transaction quickly. Then we made our purchase and have started getting points toward some type of French grocery award!!P1010504.jpg

As if shopping wasn’t work enough, we decided to clean the apartment after lunch. Ten minutes later, we were done! Not bad considering I can really only use one hand!!

Enough for today. Rain is in the forecast again, so tomorrow might be a good time to go to the movies. We’ll choose an American movie with French subtitles so it will also count as a French lesson!!



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  1. I love hearing the routine of daily life along with the trip highlights; readers can easily relate to the task and it brings us into the adventure.

  2. Love hearing from u!

  3. Thought Chris would have a french maid by now…. I always wanted one.

    1. He just bought me the little outfit:)

  4. No grocery stores on Sunday?

    1. Some are open but limited hours. We haven’t figured it out yet. Little grocery 2 blocks down; need to learn their hours.

  5. Amazing how ‘everyday living’ chores become an adventure in another country! I applaud you for looking at it that way, instead of as a hassel.

    1. How can anything really be a hassle when you’re on a year long vacation in France!

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