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  • Bagpipes, Haggis and Kilts - 2016

    Bagpipes, haggis and kilts - those were the main things I knew about Scotland, oh, and that movie Braveheart and Scotch. And I really didn't know anything about haggis, and I don't care for Scotch. And, come to think of it there's also Sean Connery, and golf. ...

  • Coddiwompling in Edinburgh - 2016

    Wandering is how I get to know a place. I do it without thought, or so I thought. ...

    To the Shore - 2016

    The Firth of Forth ... isn't far or difficult to reach, so it was worth a few bus rides to go for a few visits.

    A Stroll Along the Water of Leith - 2016

    The weather on Sunday was beautiful. Though cool, the sky was clear and blue, truly a day to get outside, especially in Edinburgh. ... but.

    A Walk in the Park - 2016

    As we have said before, we love parks and gardens, and have had the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful in the world. There is a great deal of green space in Edinburgh ... have a look.

    HMY Britannia - 2016

    HMY Britannia was the Royal Yacht; that is, the personal vessel of Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family. After being decommissioned in 1997, Britannia was retired to the Port of Leith in Edinburgh as a visitor attraction.

    Highlands, Lochs, and Castles - 2016

    The Scottish Highlands cover the northern two-thirds of the country, it is there that you find much of the mainland’s most spectacular scenery. Join us on this our first visit to this beautiful part of Scotland and some of its history.

    Isle of Skye – The Misty Isle - 2016

    After our first visit to the Highlands, we were eager to see more of this remote and rugged land. We had also heard that the Hebrides Islands off the western mainland were spectacular and still more remote. ...

    A Day With Shining Armor - 2016

    Though the charming town and the impressive Palace are reason enough to visit Linlithgow, we went because of a special annual event, the Linlithgow Spectacular Jousting tournament.

    A Tale of Two Castles - 2016

    There are many similarities between Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle, both are built upon massive, rocky crags, surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs ...

    Tractors, Sheep and the Yellow Brick Road - 2016

    Yes, we will miss out on the experience and eclectic fun of two, world-class events that occur in Edinburgh, but we had a great day with unexpected icing on top!

    Even Better Than The Real Thing - 2016

    Rosslyn Chapel was featured prominently in The Da Vinci Code, a 2003 novel by Dan Brown and film of the same name, at least that’s how we knew of it, and it was sort of in our neighborhood, we figured we should go see it.

    Time Travel - 2016

    Walking over stone floors and cobblestones that have carried feet for centuries, the experience is almost exactly like someone had 300 or 400 years ago. ...

    A Wee Bit More … - 2016

    Who knew? Obviously, we didn’t. It was so much better than we expected. And then you top it all off with a tour of a gin factory, Elton John, and a visit by Queen Elizabeth II.