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  • Oslo (or Should we say O-snow?) - 2015

    Although we enjoyed being back in Florida amongst family and friends, and warm weather, the desire to return to our adventure called strongly. Our return this time was through Oslo, Norway, and as the flight from Orlando left about midnight, we were able to get some sleep while in the air. Arriving in Oslo we got checked into our room at the Hotel Saga and promptly went out to explore. The weather was beautiful for wandering, but that was about to change.

  • Going to Gothenburg - 2015

    We departed Oslo, Norway by train. The snow was only beginning to melt and the temperatures were still pretty cold. It would have been nice to stay longer. Spring was at hand and would be fully involved within the next week or two, but it was time to head south to meet our friends, Niels and Jette, who were driving up from Denmark to join us.

    The Götheborg - 2015

    In 1745, the 18th century Svenska Ostindiska Companiet (Swedish East India Company) shipping vessel “Gothenburg,” was returning from her third voyage, a two-year journey to China, and wrecked on a reef near the mouth of the city of Gothenburg’s harbor, and over the next two years, one-third of the cargo was salvaged. It wasn’t until 1984 that divers relocated the remains of the ship, and decided that it would be fitting to rebuild the ship.

    Skara and the Cranes of Hornborgasjön - 2015

    The route from Gothenburg changed from rather rocky to rather flat the closer we got to Skara. Farms and rich agricultural land dominated the landscape for most of the drive. The red barns and farmhouses looked just like barns and farmhouses we had seen in Wisconsin and other rural areas in the US. Many Scandinavian immigrants to the US, beginning around the 1840s, brought their living styles and farming techniques with them when they came.