WCF-9934.jpgNothing has been routine for a long time. From the time we launched our lives into this sea of unknowns, things just haven’t been the same. Habits have been broken, patterns disrupted, and things taken for granted have disappeared. Now that we have settled in one place for a time, we are subtly looking for some organization in our lives. It isn’t a disturbing thing, it’s that we have a rather clean canvas to work with.

Of course there are some barriers to overcome, i.e. living in a small, simple apartment in a city, the sun sets after 9:00 (and we still have jet lag brain), everyone speaks French, and so on.

The routines will come in time, but in the meantime there is a certain confusing clarity.

Yesterday, a day of wandering, friends and orientation.


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  1. A breathe of fresh air, and the perfect way to start my day. Many thanks for taking us all along with you.

    1. Thanks, Di.

  2. Give us a tour of your apartment and grounds!

    1. Working on that post. Have to clean up first. 8^)

  3. Loved all the pictures!

  4. The gardens sure challange Disney for sure.

  5. The best book of short stories I’ve read in a LONG time; “Slow Nomads”! I highly recommend it! 🙂 Love the term “confusing clarity”

  6. bon jour,
    Looks like a good place to start. Nice apartment.

  7. Monday morning early rising coffee with the Fooshees.
    Smiling all the while as I read.

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