_MG_4630.jpgWe had heard about Restaurant La Soï, and its good, authentic Alsatian meals so we went out to find it. You can walk right by this tiny little restaurant and miss it. Wanting to make a reservation, we stopped by only to find that all their tables were already booked, so we reserved seats at the bar. By the time we arrived, the restaurant was almost full, but our bar seats were great and provided a full view of place. Two patrons next to us at the bar were enjoying their aperitifs and greeting others coming into restaurant – all mostly locals.

It was a treat to watch dinner being prepared. We sipped wine while we decided what to order from menu board. Several items we did not know, one of which was cooking on stove in front of us. With the aid of the cook and her husband, who handled everything else, we finally decided and ordered “choucoute garnie”, and Alsacienne “fleischnacka”. Once dinner was served, it was fabulous, but too much for us to eat. No dessert this night, but would have liked to have tried.

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  1. My kind of place, looks wonderful!

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