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Random Travel Bites

Since we have been sheltering in place at our home in Florida due to the pandemic, the motivation to add to this journal has gone into hiding as well. Home projects have taken a priority, and working on the 100,000+ images made over the past several years is a never-ending task.

We are looking forward to that day when we will again pack our bags for places unknown. However, until that day we continue to revel in our memories of our adventures in over 20 countries. This blog has many stories that were written to share our experiences, but the photographs are what give the stories life.

Over 17,000 photographs accompany the more than 350 posts in this journal. Far too many to digest at any one sitting. So, we have set up a gallery of 10 random images for a quick travel fix, or a distraction from the madness of the day. There is no verbiage other than some captions, just a visual indulgence to inspire your future adventures or just to simply brighten your day.

The images are truly pretty random, so you never know what will appear. Likewise, many do not have captions – I got better at adding them over the years. There are several viewing options – instructions are under the image grid, and if you refresh the page (button also under the image grid), a new selection of 10 images will be shown. If you have a question about any image please ask, and if you have an interest in owning a framed print, canvas or metallic print visit our retail site . Enjoy!

Click on any image to begin a slideshow.
In the slideshow, click the up arrow – ^ – at the lower left for play options
or click the down arrow – v – to hide the filmstrip.
If you have a question about any image please ask. Enjoy!
If you refresh the page (button below), a new selection of 10 images will be shown. 

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  1. Ahh been missing this Sunday edition to my morning coffee. Wonderful to find in my mail. ^_^

  2. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, a nice break on a cold, cloudy, windy day in Arkansas. Hope to see you somewhere!

  4. This is a wonderful idea. Thank you! Like you, we’re anxious to get back on the road (anxious about a lot of other things as well). Glad to know you are well and still creating journeys for us to enjoy.

    1. We’re hoping our Iberian cruise will happen in September. Last biggie was South America — Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia, penguins in Falklands, dinosaurs in Argentina, Eva Peron (she still lives!) in Buenos Aires — and if we can’t go again, that was so perfect and wonderful we will be content. Viva le grand voyage!

  5. We miss hiking with you in Florida. Thanks for sharing the beauty

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