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Packing … again

Goals are good, so mine is to pack lighter for this trip. Yes, easy to say, not so easy to do. I’ve learned a lot about what I need (and don’t) from the last three years of travel. Our route this year should allow us to avoid weather extremes, so I’m not packing thermals, but the raincoat will definitely travel again.

Chris is editing the computer, electronics and photo gear. I look at it and think, if we run low on money, we could open a small used electronics shop. But he probably thinks the same about my shoes and accessories collection.

I just completed my first practice pack, and am pleased to report that I may not have to sit on my duffel to close it this time. Now if I can just resist the urge to add more to fill the spare space. Our time this year will be split between city living in Toulouse France, and country living and walking in the Cotswolds England. This provides a bit of a challenge for packing clothing and shoes. The skirts I pack won’t be worn as much in England, and my hiking shoes won’t be needed for France. Oh well, if I don’t pack the right balance, I can always shop!!

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  1. Your 3 years of experience will help you make the right choices. Looking forward to your adventure especially in the Cotswold. Have a wonderful time and stay well.

  2. You can do it. I have faith in you!

  3. I’m impressed!

  4. Darn it! We didn’t get to do a Wekiva hike together. The time flies. Be safe, have great adventures to share with us.
    Lee Anne &Bob

  5. I’m so excited to travel with you via SlowNomads.

  6. Hi guys, is the bottom photo the total luggage for both of you together? We hope you have a great trip!

    1. No, we each take 1 rolling duffel, 1 backpack, and I have a small tote bag and Chris has the camera bag. This year we’ve added one more small bag to check. So a total of 7 bags for 6 months. Don’t have the total weight yet, but we have to be able to move it ourselves. Always a challenge!!

      1. That makes a lot of sense Jeannie. A challenge to get there though. Have a great time on this next venture. Paul

  7. Oh my goodness! I cant wait for my next trip-I mean your next trip, when you travel I feel like I’m traveling so keep it coming and I’ve learnéd a little about the places you both have traveled to. Like the foods, people, living quarters and whatever else you could think of….. Happy Traveling!

  8. Looks like your all set for the adventure to continue! Have a safe trip.

  9. [quote]Oh well, if I don’t pack the right balance, I can always shop!![/quote]Yep, that’s Jeannie … nobody said plan B has to be less preferable than plan A, right? 😉

    Have a safe journey – à bientôt!

    Jette and Niels

    1. You do know me – there must be a contingency plan!

  10. WootiWoot! The travels of Jeannie & Chris will be an interesting read for sure! <3

  11. Have fun! When are you leaving?

    1. We fly out Monday, 20 March, and will return six-months later! Y’all take care.

  12. Looks compact. You got this!

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