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These have been our homes. Not the B&Bs or the hotels, but the places that we call and have called home. (listed here from most-recent to the start of our travels)

Tours, France

11 Rue Voltaire
Tours, France
47.3961, 0.6887 — click to locate in Google Maps


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Lisbon, Portugal

R. Cecílio de Sousa 31
Lisboa, Portugal
38.715721, -9.150155— click to locate in Google Maps

Our Lisbon Apartment - 1_Lisbon-Home

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Porto, Portugal

Rua da Alegria 319
Porto, Portugal
41.151655, -8.604292— click to locate in Google Maps


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Wekiva Springs

Wekiva Country Club Villas,
Longwood, Florida, USA
With Thanks to The John Muccigrosso team – Re/Max 200


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Verona, Italy

Via Giulio Camuzzoni, 5, 3
7138 Verona VR, Italy
45.433320, 10.978175 — click to locate in Google Maps


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Selsley, England

Tythings Cottage
Selsley Hill Road
Stroud GL5 5JD, UK
51.734395, -2.240062 — click to locate in Google Maps

Selsley Home

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Toulouse, France

8 Rue Ozenne,
31000 Toulouse, France
43.596668, 1.446619— click to locate in Google Maps



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Longwood, Florida, USA

Sabal Park Apartments
Longwood, Florida, USA
28.701528, -81.416056— click to locate in Google Maps


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Montreal, Canada

2698 Rue Augustin Cantin
Montréal, QC
H3K 1E1 Canada
45.478522, -73.571947— click to locate in Google Maps


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Bergen, Norway

Repslagergaten 8 Leil H401
Bergen, Hordaland
5033 Norway
60.402249, 5.324931— click to locate in Google Maps


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Edinburgh, Scotland

5 Dalgety Street
Edinburgh EH7 5UN
Scotland, UK
55.957630, -3.160967<— click to locate in Google Maps


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Waddington, Lancashire, England

Blackbird Cottage
55 West View,
Clitheroe Road,
Waddington BB7 3HP
Lancashire, England
53.890246, -2.413852<— click to locate in Google Maps

Waddington Home

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Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland

5, Bunrower Court Apartments #1
Ross Rd, Killarney
Co. Kerry, Ireland
52.047252, -9.520961<— click to locate in Google Maps


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New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA

4329 Sea Mist Dr #261
New Smyrna Beach
FL 32169, USA
28.996421, -80.872299<— click to locate in Google Maps


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Barcelona, Spain

Carrer del Consell de Cent, 113
08015 Barcelona
41.381260, 2.152042<— click to locate in Google Maps


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Madrid, Spain

Calle Luisa Fernanda, 8
28008 Madrid
40.426164, -3.714768 <— click to locate in Google Maps


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Strasbourg, France

95 Grand Rue
67000, Strasbourg
48.581440, 7.744468 <— click to locate in Google Maps


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Lyon, France II

30 Bis Rue Charles Richard
69003, Lyon
45.751406, 4.886749 <— click to locate in Google Maps


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Montignano, Italy

Casa Lucciola
Perugia, Italy
42.740655, 12.524498 <— click to locate in Google Maps


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Lyon, France

76 Cours Vitton
69006 Lyon
45.769903, 4.856751 <— click to locate in Google Maps


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Montpellier, France

15 Rue Mareschal
34000 Montpellier
43.608098, 3.881990 <— click to locate in Google Maps


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Rennes, France

2 Poullain Duparc
35000 Rennes
48.108939, -1.679601  <— click to locate in Google Maps



Though very small (about 500 sq.ft.) The apartment was very comfortable, nicely appointed and bright. (all dimensions are approximate)

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Longwood, Florida, USA

Click image below to see our previous home in Florida.
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  1. The last one is my favorite!

    1. Of course!

  2. …as always, a little slice of life abroad….I travel vicariously through your most lovely photos!

    1. Glad to hear from you! Will see you after our return.

  3. Magnificent lay-out of times and places. But I secretly like the photo from a few blogs ago of your backpacks and gear as you head out to all of the above. In the beginning twas Jeannie & Chris. ^_^

  4. Wow!

  5. The view is certainly worth the effort up those 96 steps. I feel as though I got my cardio workout just imagining it.

  6. Home is where the heart is and who your with. ..this warms my heart. Such an adventure and with your best friend.

  7. You certainly did your homework in finding these great homes. Really large kitchen in Ireland!

  8. You certainly found some lovely apartments.

  9. Spacious! Love seeing where you currently call home…

  10. Bienvenido a casa!

  11. Interesting! They all look nice!! I don’t know how I finally found this!!! Some things never change!!!!

  12. Hi There! I like this section since I love to know how the apartments are decorated and floor plans are in comparison to the U.S. Not bad at all. A lot smaller in some places but the use of such space is awesome! I will need to start purging some of my excess “stuff”.

    I also enjoyed you including the map, it teaches me where each location is, I’m not always familiar with the some of the locations. Thank you for this Journey!

  13. Lyon II is so modern and bright. Some are cozy and small. Do you prefer one over the other?

  14. Not at all what I expected, very modern.
    Beautiful, thanks for taking us with you on your adventures 🙂

  15. Love your edition of slow nomads “Tent Hunters International” but have to laugh at the closet when I think how big and full your closet in Longwood was! (Ok – jealous that you are living so lite with so much light ❤)

  16. Love your place in Italy. Maybe that’s because I am more of a country girl than a city girl…

    Thanks again for sharing!

  17. So what does the latest maison de Fooshee look like? Sounds like you could use a scrabble board or deck of cards in the closet…wishing you sunny and warmer days ahead.

    1. Thanks for the photo update on your place in Lyon. Another uniquely simplistic place to lay your head.

  18. Love the simplicity of your new place. Welcome home 🙂

  19. Like the washing macine/dryer the best!

  20. Thanks for sharing! Love how modern, yet homey!, lovely view!
    Neat drying rack was that there also? i was just thinking I need to get one. Hugs!

  21. Thanks for the tour! Love the layout. Looks like the latest ad from IKEA. Who wants to stay cooped up inside anyway when you have so much to explore outside. à bientôt

  22. This is so great! I am having a great time following along.

    1. 8^)

  23. Very nice! Love the wine bottles on the counter! 😉 Is that a mural on the living room wall? or is that what you really see when you look out your window?

    1. We like the wine bottles too, especially emptying them. 8^) And that really is the view. Just had a quick rain shower with the sun shining. It’s our last day in Rennes. Tomorrow, off to Bayeux, then to Belgium before heading south to Montpellier.

  24. Much more bright and modern than I expected. Nice place to spend your time there.

  25. Very nice! We sold the Gainesville house …still have the Apopka house

  26. Modern Day Rough’in it!

  27. Very modern and crisp looking.

  28. What does your kitchen light fixture lampshade say? I’m fascinated by it 🙂

    1. HA ha, so get this, it says NYC, Manhattan, Long Island, Hell’s Kitchen, East River, and Bronx; and it isn’t very bright.

      1. I was going to ask the same question as Kim. Cute place! While it may be modest in size, it looks very livable.

      2. That is really cute! The Manhattan Skyline is really a treat to witness in person. But, I’m a diehard Yankees fan, so The Bronx is still my favorite borough. Thankyou for sharing. Nice digs!

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