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Once Again, Nous Sommes Arrivés

As transatlantic flights go, it was a good flight, long, with little sleep. The arrival in Paris was also uneventful. Well, let me rephrase that, as I don’t think that “arrival in Paris” should ever be paired with “uneventful.” The arrival involved no bureaucratic issues. But as our bodies said that it was 12:30AM (6:30AM Paris) the brains were a bit foggy.

Jeannie in repose.The train to Rennes took about 2 hours and the morning countryside was stunningly beautiful, what little we saw of it between naps. We quickly proceeded to the apartment, oriented ourselves and was able to unpack a few things before meeting good friends Matt and Brigit from San Francisco. We spent a wonderful afternoon sitting outside at a local tavern talking with them and three of their charming local friends sipping wine and nibbling on delicious bread, cheeses, sausages, and fresh fruits they had purchased earlier at the market. We then gave them a tour of our apartment, disheveled as it was. Feeling exhausted, we said our “au revoirs” and then made our way to pick up some dinner and supplies. We ate, then crashed and once again, we slept the sleep of weary travelers …

Today’s weather was delightful, with a light breeze and highs about 70F/21C low humidity and partly cloudy. Overnight lows will be about 50F/10C. I think it’s going to be a good place.

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  1. Thanks for the sign and stonework pictures. You could do a book on them alone. I also know where I will be planting my swiss chard next year, out front in the flower bed. This is the first site that I check out when I get into the office. Great fun!

  2. What a wonderful adventure! The photos are amazing! I am so happy to see my kids, Matt and Brigit in Paris! I know they were so happy to be there with you both! Thanks for sharing the pictures, but we don’t see you in Paris, Chris!

  3. Keep the pictures coming! I am having a blast with this!

  4. So thankful, you had travel mercies! The adventure continues!!! We will love traveling vicariously with you! hugs!

  5. This seems like a fairy tale happy for the two of you 🙂

  6. Glad the trip went well and that you are settling in to your new home. Great view from your apartment. Weather sounds wonderful.

  7. The 6 hour time lag hasn’t affected your camera view/angle. Wonderful!
    New. It’s such an underrated word. New.

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