On our own.

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Aug 222014

When we arrived in France we weren’t alone. I am not speaking in figurative terms, I know that all the good wishes of friends, family, and colleagues are with us on this adventure. But on our arrival we had friends (Matt and Brigit) waiting in Rennes, and the next day family (my brother Mike, his wife Kathy as well as her son and his girlfriend) arrived. We had such a wonderful time with them all, together and separately.

Today will be the first time we will be on our own. We have waved goodbye to the last of our visitors, and now we are by ourselves.

Not totally on our own though. Thanks to Matt and Brigit we met two lovely young ladies Aurélia and Catherine (D.B.s “parents”) who live in Rennes and whom we hope to see again soon. We have also met others during our first days who we may well be in contact with in the future.

However, the feeling is like after having a big party back when we and our friends were younger, and people would crash for the night on the couch or in sleeping bags on the floor. It was great the next morning to hang around with everyone. Then everyone would leave. And the house was empty, and there was quiet, and even though we missed everyone, it was good.

It is good.

Except that we have laundry to do.


The second phase of application for a French visa (required for stays greater than 90 days) has been completed. Now we wait for the appointment for a medical exam, interview, and payment of more Euros. Bureaucracies. Of course, waiting for mail about bureaucratic appointments requires a mailbox. Which we now have!

So as we wait, you can enjoy images from our first travels out of Rennes which took us to the northern coast to visit the walled city St. Malo. A strategic location since the middle ages, it was home port to corsairs, French privateers and sometimes pirates. 100 miles from the Normandy beaches, St. Malo’s most significant battles occurred after the Normandy invasion in WWII (good story and photos) when 80% of the city was destroyed.

Oh, and if you notice the beach scenes with lots of people wearing bathing suits, it was cold and windy.


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  1. Love your pictures and stories!

  2. ….LAUNDRY…. omellte bleu frommage…! my French is awesome, is it not??? Thanks for the posts and photos…

  3. Chris,
    What is the material that the artillery shells blasted into. Is it a metal bollard of some sort?

    • Mark, It appeared to be an large caliber machine gun turret of some kind. The description of the siege in the post link is very good.

  4. A French laundromat… googled: Laverie! Mon cheri ^_^

  5. Sounds like you have adjusted quite well to your new home.

  6. The training wheels are off the “living abroad” bike! If you have a mailbox you have a mailing address, right? Can you send to us via email?

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