Feb 072014

After a tiresome, bumpy series of flights, we arrived in Montpellier very close to schedule. Aurore, the property manager, was waiting at the apartment for us … what a sweetheart. She showed us all the essentials, though some were lost in translation. Then she walked us to the ATM for the remainder of the rent and deposit.The apartment is beautiful. Fresh yellow roses on the table and champagne in the fridge, we’re just a little too exhausted to really take it all in at the moment. A short nap is next on the list. Then shopping for the essentials and dinner out.


View from our window.



Inside the apartment



The Kitchen


  5 Responses to “Nous sommes arrivés …”

  1. Slowly reading from the beginning. Lovely apartment. 🙂

  2. promener avec merveille !

  3. Happy trails!

  4. How exciting! Glad you finally made your destination safely. What a lovely apartment and the view is to die for.
    Am looking forward to the additional posts on your adventure.

  5. So cool. Have loads of fun and keep blogging. I am living vicariously through you two!

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