Nous Aimons Flâner …

… we love to wander.


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  1. Bestest eye candy splash ever!. Thank you letting us “walk” with you. ^_^

  2. Amazing as always, pure beauty.

  3. Just Beautiful. Spring is my favorite time of year. Enjoy your stay and take it all in. It looks amazing. Miss you guys. Love, Brian

  4. Fabulous pictures! Love seeing the wisterias. Had some at our house in NY. Especially like the picture of you both in the mirror at the market. Toulouse is quite a large city. Loved seeing the Japanese garden in bloom.
    Temperature here in NH is 86. Feels like Florida.

  5. Love all the pictures.

  6. Beautiful pics, did I miss it, is this in France? No worries-I love the architect, the beautiful garden, the riverbank, so peaceful.

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