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This is a break in the Slow Nomads timeline reflecting events that we feel are interesting enough to warrant such an interruption. Though the posts indicate that we are still in Barcelona, we are actually currently at sea, the normal timeline will resume as soon as possible.

Moon over the Mediterranean - 4144The moon rose over the Mediterranean while we were at dinner. Its reflection in the sea sparkled like crystals on the surface of the lightly rippled water. The only noises were the wind and the sounds of the waves created by the movement of the ship slipping through the water.
Out on the deck overlooking the sea, very few sounds of the ship slipped out. The engines, many decks below, were just a low almost unnoticeable drone.
Occasionally, someone would open the door to come out and the noise of the interior would spill out to disturb the peace of the moonlit night. The sounds of entertainment constantly fill the public areas of the ship, and escaping the surplus of pop music is often a challenge.
Rainbow at sea - 4887For most of the voyage, the weather has been beautiful, breezy, and unexpectedly warm. The movements of the ship have been gentle, like lying in a hammock when a soft breeze comes by; other times, the rocking is more pronounced, and walking requires a bit more attention.
As transportation, the voyage is exactly what we wanted – to experience the distance from Europe to the New World. This is sea day six, and we have three more days in the Atlantic.
Life on the ship revolves around activities and entertainment, eating and drinking, and socializing. The varieties of entertainment and activities generally are not our style, though we have partaken of some just for the experience. The food and drink is good, although difficult to avoid in excess.
Socialization is easy. Everyone is quick to say hello and chat, and we have met a plethora of interesting people. It is curious that on a ship this size how you might meet others and not see them again, while others you bump into often.
Overall this mode of travel is far more extravagant than what we normally embrace as our style of living, but we have been able to adapt. Nonetheless, we look forward to being back on dry land, where the landscape is green, and back amongst friends and family in Florida while we make our plans for the next adventure.

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  1. Good morning from ex cabin mates in 9199 on vCelebrity Equinox.
    Me and Michael are mooching off friends in Spring Hiill Fl directly across route 50 from your neighborhood..
    As far as NYC ……try the app Oliver. It’s an app for NYC rentals.
    I’ll continue another time. Trying to decide where to go for breakfast!!

  2. Amazing..

  3. Enjoy what is left of your cruise. Look forward to seeing you in FL.

  4. My favorite time – at sea. Enjoy it – soft breezes and trailing seas!

  5. Looking forward to a get together when you are in the area!

  6. No karaoke?

  7. Hey you guys – Sorry we never connected on your last attempts at a call (2 months ago???). When will you be back in Florida and where? Mike and I are working in south Florida Dec 6-12. Happy sailing – love ann

  8. Beautiful pics as always. I bet the ratio of English/ speaking folks has gone up so you don’t have to struggle for words in another language…

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