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  1. Thanks, beautiful. Brings back lots of lots of memories of my visits.

  2. Thanks, Chris. Light is such an amazing thing, and you have such an amazing way of capturing its amazing beauty. Grateful to be able to tag along on your talent!

  3. Looks like you have enough photos collected to create a book. Then you can write off the trips as a business expense. (c;

  4. Stunning photos, thank you for sharing!

  5. Fabulous pictures.

  6. Very beautiful post. Remember some of these!

  7. Very beautiful 😍! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

  8. Good morning
    What an amazing collection of images.

  9. Will definitely be back to inhale this again. Thanks for off the beaten path Sunday visual(s).

  10. Happy Sunday to me!! These are pure heaven. Are they on fine art? Love is light, and you captured its beauty

  11. It’s a miracle these beautiful works of art survived the bombing during WW2.

  12. Wow!

  13. What a beautiful montage! Y’all have been so lucky to experience this and more. Thanks for sharing

  14. Really, really interesting! Thanks for sharing again!!

  15. Ahh been missing this Sunday edition to my morning coffee. Wonderful to find in my mail. ^_^

  16. Thanks!

  17. Enjoyed reading this and especially the walking 🚶‍♂️ through dry leaves.

  18. Thanks, a nice break on a cold, cloudy, windy day in Arkansas. Hope to see you somewhere!

  19. This is a wonderful idea. Thank you! Like you, we’re anxious to get back on the road (anxious about a lot of other things as well). Glad to know you are well and still creating journeys for us to enjoy.

    • We’re hoping our Iberian cruise will happen in September. Last biggie was South America — Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia, penguins in Falklands, dinosaurs in Argentina, Eva Peron (she still lives!) in Buenos Aires — and if we can’t go again, that was so perfect and wonderful we will be content. Viva le grand voyage!

  20. We miss hiking with you in Florida. Thanks for sharing the beauty

  21. Hi Chris and Jeannie! It was a pleasure to host you at our apartment. Still to this day, I follow your blog religiously. Hope you’re well and safe.
    Best wishes!

  22. Hi Jeannie, thank you for sharing your journey. My maiden name is Kerzich, was told the “h” was added when my grandfather went through Ellis Island. I am only beginning this process. He settled in Waukegan, IL — I was told there is a big Slovenian population there and I now live over the border in WI so I’d like to explore his roots there. Any suggestions on how to begin this process? Do you have an update after visiting your grandmother in WI? My grandfather and grandmother eventually moved to MI, they were sold land by a Slovenian real estate broker who told them the land was good for farming—they came from farming area in Slovenia. I know few details about their birthplace. I’d love to find out how to begin this process.

    • What a small world! I’ve responded via email since you won’t be notified from here. It would be pretty interesting to find out if we are related. Will announce on the blog if that turns out to be true!

      Good luck with your search.

  23. Not sure that even Slovenia can compete with the scenery of North Carolina. Wonderful photos and an inspired choice of destination to escape the horrors of Covid 19 and your election.
    We imagine that perhaps some more “local” escapes are being planned – there must be plenty of possibilities.
    Best wishes,
    Janet & Paul

    • What a nice surprise to hear from you and Janet! It was great to take a trip, though it was short and not very far to go. There is a glimmer of hope for travel maybe in 2022. We do hope to return for more walking in the UK, and will contact you if that becomes a plan.
      Stay well,
      Jeannie & Chris

  24. Really enjoyed your latest. It is a lovely time of year, whether in the USA or here in England.
    We have been viewing your Presidential Election with interest!

    • We are looking forward to changes next year with hope for a vaccine and the new administration. For now we just hope for cooler temperatures in Florida, it’s still in the 80s!

  25. These photos touched every cell in my body. Healing beauty, picture perfect

    • It is wonderful to feel peace and beauty with a photograph. Chris does have the eye and skill!

  26. I’m so happy for you guys that your adventures, though with less mileage, never really end, because the outdoors are infinite! I also love those crunchy leaves:) That is truly a beautiful, soulful area.

    • Glad we could transport you with sight and sound. My brother lives in North Carolina so that provides additional motivation to travel there. Chris speaks of his memories of you so perhaps one of our trips will take us near you. Will be in touch if that is the case!

  27. Fabulous pictures as always. Have missed your travel blog. Loved the 2 sound tracks.

    • And we have missed the travel that provides new stories for the blog. Now if we could find a way to add smell to the senses that we can record on our trips!

  28. Nice scenery. Been to Bryson City a couple times myself, it is beautiful. Played a bit of mountain golf. Thanks for the great reminder to return there in the future. Always enjoy following your posts!

    • Happy you are traveling with us and remembering you own trips to the area. Now if we can manage to meet safely in person in the year ahead!

  29. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your account of NC. Photos were awesome as always. Thank you for the escape. We’re locked down within a radius of 5km for 6 weeks at the moment. Every escape from our v small world is so welcome!

    • And we thoroughly enjoy the images your share via social media. The photos from your walks take us back to our stay in Killarney, meeting you and Mick. And seeing the creations of the children in your classes is so uplifting! Enjoy your local walks, stay well, and we hope to meet again!

  30. I’m so glad to hear that all is well. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a post from you. As you can imagine, my Tours of Provence and the Dordogne were canceld last summer.
    The silver lining for me was that I finally replaced my right knee which was becoming an issue, so I’ll be ready to hike the Camino and pick up with my tours whenever it’s safe to do so.
    Keep the posts coming please and be safe.
    Kaydie Vistelle

    • From a chance encounter years ago, we connect again here through our love of France. We wish you the best recovery so you’ll be walking again when travel is possible. Perhaps we’ll get to Gainesville in the next year of so and have some time to share stories. Until then stay well.

  31. How delightful!

    Reminds us of our trip in the Appalachians ten years ago, among other things driving along (some of) the Blue Ridge Parkway and visiting Asheville and Biltmore.

    Great you managed to get away – hope it has strengthened you for the next period …

    Jette and Niels

    • Glad to know that you’ve enjoyed this area, though I’m not surprised as you have traveled quite a bit in North Anerica. Our trip was long enough to escape the daily news and enjoy cooler weather and great hiking. We are hopeful for a return trip for spring flowers. And I’m beginning to dream of a possible trip abroad in 2022. It never hurts to be hopeful!

  32. Thank you for sharing your two week retreat into the calmness of North Carolina mountains. I have a sister that lives in Waynesville, who moved there from Florida, and visiting her is always such a delight. I believe you went at a great time of year and such wonderful colors for you to embrace in your photography

  33. It’s really great that y’all were able to get out and enjoy such beautiful scenery 😍.

  34. Thank you for the lovely respite ❣

  35. Nice getaway! I have a number of relatives in that area and it is a lovely place to visit, although I rarely get on the trails when I am there.

  36. Holiday? Are you heading out to another holiday?
    Oh how wonderful to “walk” with you two again.
    The sound of the water…

  37. I think a title your hikes could be ‘Neck yoga on a hike’. Waterfalls and mushroom, one makes your head look up and the other down – very poetic. In warmer temps the waterfalls would be great to wash off some trail dust. Love your pics and captions.

  38. Fall/Autumn! Thanks for sharing!!

  39. I love the sound of crunching through the leaves.

  40. We were up there recently too. I see a picture from Standing Indian. We camped there as well as Van Hook Glade near Highlands.

  41. Saudade de voce 🙂

  42. There is a welsh term – hireth – the longing for home or somewhere that you know you can’t go back to – your childhood home, for example. You can’t go back in time to what it was, but you still miss it. so – hireth – a combination of nostalgia and homesickness that there isn’t a direct equivalent for in English…

    • Hi Gay, it is great to hear from you, and to know folks still look at the blog. Who knows when and where we’ll go, once travel is an option in the future. Thanks for sharing the term from your world. For all the differences from country to country, some things are the same, though labeled differently.
      Stay well and happy; we hope to see you again.
      Jeannie & Chris

  43. Impressive collection!

  44. Some really interesting art work of differing mediums. Thanks for sharing.

    • We enjoyed seeing so many styles, colors, subjects. And you know there are many more images that did not make it into this blog!

  45. I especially like the man with the mustache, holding the dog that is singing. Way cool!

  46. Keep posting! Thanks!!

  47. Wow. I agree with Debi. What a mental, colorful, creative stretch of the artistic expression. Need to take a look again.

    • There was so much to look at as we walked through the cities, and I’m sure we missed many interesting images.

  48. So many images! So many ideas! Such freedom!

  49. As you said very different museums. Enjoyed them.

  50. Most excellent article. Thank you. We look forward to the day we can visit LIsbon and these will definitely be on our list of stops. Still in holding pattern in the States awaiting the reopening of Europe to visitors. We are ‘slow nomads’ also and plan a month in Lisbon with excursions from a base there. Meanwhile, we will explore Flagstaff, AZ and the great offerings of this area.
    Have a great day!

  51. Thanks!

  52. thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the exhibitions.

  53. I just know I would really love this place!

    • Yes you would! It was a great place to see many styles of creativity; we’re glad to be able to share!

  54. It never is the same is it? When i travel back to places over time, the changes always make me nostalgic for what was gone but then it’s exciting to see what is new too. At the same time, I do feel this has accelerated the change and not just in things but in the culture. Thanks for sharing. I hope we see you one of these days.

    • Who knows when we can travel again, but it would be great to align destinations and schedule. It will be interesting to see how much things change in the months ahead. Enjoy each day, wherever you are!

  55. The art is fun and amazing. But so is the high-rise walk below the bridge deck, the ancient worn cobbles in the street, bold color like we never see in this country, and Jeannie taking a break from shopping.

    • You and Joan would have enjoyed the displays and the energy of the place. It wasn’t all about the shopping, we stopped for a sweet and coffee, and I only made one small purchase (I learned early on, jewelry and scarves can easily fit in the luggage!)

  56. I love that I had never heard of saudade before, but now I have learned something new. And you explain the concept very clearly. We can all relate because I believe everyone experiences saudade.

    • It was great that we learned the term while visiting the place of origin. Yes, it can be experienced by all, at some point, in some place.

  57. We’ll meet again … don’t know where, don’t know when, but …

    I feel confident we’ll get through all this, a vaccine/cure will be found, and we can all start meeting again some sunny day. Maybe with some new-found consideration about how to minimize riscs (I’m probably not going to travel without hand spirit again, for instance), but we’ll get out there.

    Until then – thanks for all your thoughts, tales and pictures.

    • It’s been great to meet on so many of our trips and share experiences of new places. Once we begin to plan another adventure, let’s try to align time and place. Until then, find joy and love where you are.

  58. The note once played, goes on forever. The same with adventures. They can never be undone. The place may change once you leave, the people may not enjoy the same freedom to gather safely, but the memory of the place and the art of your many passeggiate, will remain, never changing.

    • So true, our memories will last, even longer than the blog that we share. We look forward to sharing more…

  59. Wow! The street art!

    • Yes, it was fabulous! So much energy and creativity! Glad to transport you however briefly!

  60. The journey that you two are on is indeed external AND internal. For me, that is why what you share here about your travels, in words & photos, keeps the world timelessly relevant.

    • You are in our heart and travel with us. We look forward to traveling together in spirit again.

  61. Thanks for sharing, I believe we all can relate to your feelings during these challenging times.

  62. I too thank you for sharing your experiences for places I will never travel to.
    Love the art work it is amazing!

  63. Thank you Chris, for sharing places I will never get to visit. My world view expands.

  64. Looks like an amazing, unique place. Very interesting art work.

  65. Very thought provoking. Makes me wonder if and when I can go to Germany again what it will be like. Thanks for sharing.

  66. Oh my goodness! Just after reading the first sentence of this recent post, I started crying. Thank you so very much for sharing this. For three weeks I’ve been a little bit in a funk as far as getting back into writing again. We must have been on the same wavelength. Very beautiful writing! Thank you!

  67. Glad you went and glad you’re back home!

  68. Thanks!

  69. Beautiful pictures – colors are amazing.

  70. This one was special. The breeze on a getaway walk and poetry earrings. Beautfiul day too.

  71. Wow what a most interesting place. Thanks for the great pictures and history of the town. Makes you wonder after seeing the small doors (so colorfully painted) what the inside of the homes look like. Are people’s vehicles parked somewhere outside the walls? How do they get deliveries? Raised a lot of questions for me.

  72. What a colorful, quaint city!
    As always thank you for sharing your experiences.

  73. Lovely. Can’t wait until we get to travel again.

  74. I loved reading about Natalie Santos. What a beautiful and talented woman! Thank you for sharing this adventure with us.

  75. Beautiful..

  76. Thanks! Glad to know there’s more coming!! The sooner the better!!!

  77. We have traveled to India, nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos Vietnam, each time purchasing ‘cancel for any reason’ insurance from Roamright (Arch insurers). Twice we had to request refunds for the entire value of the trip (for medical reasons) and they paid every last penny.

    In the current situation, airlines have been either refunding the cost of flights or issuing vouchers valid for a year.

    Let’s hope that next year will see you in Tours. We did a tour around the south of France, through les Alpes Maritimes, and across the south. Especially liked Arles and Avignon.

  78. I heard that Bigfoot is the cause of this virus because he never washes his hands (so far, this has not been verified).

  79. Looking forward to the next time I will see a photo of your backpack on FB.
    Your travels are so much a part of all our lives.
    In the meantime, birthday raincheck roadtrip before then!
    Love & well-being to you both.

  80. Will miss you travels but a very well reasoned and wise decision.

  81. Excellent notes and suggestions. We will all be happy when it is safe to travel again. Saw an interesting chart on the reasoning for shutting down early, best way to help our facilities take care of us.

    • Yes, we all play a role in how damaging this is and the time it takes to slow it down. Let’s reflect on travels we’ve taken and appreciate how lucky we have been.

  82. Very sorry that you won’t be able to make this journey. But happy that you were able to successfully navigate the cancellations.
    Wishing you both good health and many more travels. Best, Pat

    • As one of our regular followers who comment, your encouragement is much appreciated.
      What a situation the world is in right now. We all need to do our part to stop the progression and aid in the recovery.
      Stay well and keep in touch.

  83. Enjoy your beautiful home and this glorious weather. Take lotsa hikes (watch out for those snakes) and we’ll take more bike rides as we wait for some trip refunds to come our way too. I was going to write an appropriate haiku but I’ll leave that to you. Looking forward to it.

    • I’m glad you were able to visit and we took some great walks. Very glad we avoided stepping on the cottonmouth snake!
      Enjoy your bike rides and time with your family. Travel will resume in the future. Take care.

  84. We also regretfully but sure of our decision cancelled our European river cruise. We look forward to another year when we take this trip, and see this crisis in hindsight! Meanwhile, I’m doing vocal lessons all over the globe, online only now. I’m seeing the videos of Italians making music for each other from their balconies, and an incredible surge in kindness in my own community with people asking and giving help like leaving bags of food on the front porch of those self-quarantined. Perhaps there is hope for the world yet! Glad you both are NOT at any airport right now!! xo

    • It’s good to hear from you Judy, I hope to meet you at some point. For now we will all remain at home, helping and connecting with others as we can. Travel will resume when it can, and our continued adventures will help the people in and connected to the travel industry recover. For us, it is an inconvenience, but to many others it might be quite disruptive to their lives. And yes, this is not the time to be at an airport!
      Continue sharing love through music.

  85. In short: Take care, don’t panic, and check facts – we couldn’t agree more.

    Let’s embrace the changes life forces on us – we’ll see you virtually and later physically out there!

    Jette and Niels

    • Agree, we will meet again somewhere during our travels. Since we started in 2014, you’ve joined us almost every year. We need to find a way to meet once travel is resumed, somewhere between here and Denmark!

  86. May your wisdom and common sense reach as many people as this nasty beast. We will have to be patient in this difficult period and hope that you will both be fine and back in business asap. Take care. All the best from Reunion.
    Maria and Jean-Marie

    • It is so good to hear from you! We do hope that we meet again, once we all conquer this virus and life settles back down, though I do expect things will have changed…
      Stay well,
      Jeannie & Chris

  87. Staying safe in Canada too. Good health to all.

    • Hi Sandy, it’s good to hear from you. We had been planning a trip out to the Calgary area in August, but we’ll see how that changes. And we were looking at a Gate 1 trip on the lower Danube for next spring…we’ll see. It would be nice to see you again as we travel. Stay in touch, and be well!

  88. Richard and I are glad your timing worked out so well. Relieved also that we had already decided to postpone our next trip even before the Coronavirus appeared. Stay well and I hope we’ll see you somewhere around the world in the Fall!

    • We’re glad that you and Richard aren’t having to change/cancel travel plans. We’ll let you know when we plan another adventure; maybe we can meet.
      Take care, stay well.

  89. Thanks! I’m glad (and relieved) you’re close by!!

  90. I have been waiting to hear what decision you have made. Was about to text Jeannie when I saw your email. The cancelled flight made the decision for you and it is a wise one. Glad you will be here. Take care and stay well.

  91. Well said – but we will also miss your travels!

  92. What a great write-up with tasty photos to match! Definitely opened new & familiar food horizons for me.

  93. Looks so delicious!!

  94. Unlike Linda, my mouth is watering and i am starving:)!

  95. The grilled sardines dish sounds really tasty. And I believe that the best parts of all of your journeys traveling around the world has got to be both the enjoyment of food and meeting people.

  96. Yum!

  97. After seeing all that wonderful food and wine, I am not hungry.

  98. Makes me smile as always!

    • THAT is the reason we keep putting out this blog. That, and the fact that someday when we get really old and forgetful we’ll look at the blog and say, “Oh look, didn’t those people have a wonderful adventure, I wonder who they were?” Thanks Wayne, your comments and smiles are always appreciated.

  99. Street art always beckons me to come closer. 3D version is incredible!

  100. I had to chuckle when I saw the train graffiti photo. Life is so global. We are all connected.

  101. An earthquake, tsunami and fire all in one year? Whoa.

  102. Awesome Pics! As usual.

  103. Terribly disappointed there were no scratch and sniff photos of the “pastel de nata.”

  104. Wow so much history. The monastery architecture is really awesome. All the monuments are amazing. Really like the raccoon art.

  105. Really impressive how the Mounted Brass Band played their instruments, with only one hand, while in a canter. Those horses are as beautiful as the Lipazanns.

  106. The more you travel and write, the smarter I get!

  107. We loved Lisbon! Your photos have just taken me back. They are beautiful. Hope you both are well.


  108. Amazing that the older trams are still in use.

  109. What a beautiful and charming city with some breath taking views.

  110. I think that using the funicular would be really…fun! Very nice photos and interesting details about the trams.

  111. Wow, that brings back memories.

    Our trams in Copenhagen, which I grew up with, were done away with before the start of the seventies.

    Kudos to any city who have kept theirs!

  112. Thanks for reviving many good memories of walking that area!

  113. Thanks!

  114. I like the Avineda walk. When I saw the photos I agree that it does look like a walk in Paris.
    All of your photos are beautiful and I thank you for providing me with this new blog post, as I enjoyed reading while drinking my coffee.

  115. Looks like a great city. Looking forward to seeing more of it.

  116. Thanks!

  117. Now when I see the word “Portugal” my brain lights up with a little more knowing. And a smile.

  118. I really like the video of the Time Out market. Very nicely done.

  119. I really like how you were able to slowly direct one’s eye upward to the open ceiling via the video, in the ‘Time Out ‘ market. Very cool viewing.

  120. Love your stories. The pics are a joy to see. I like your variety from vegetation, to street mosaics and street graffiti. And the architecture is always so different from ours it is a wonder in size and detail.

    • We never fail to be amazed at what we see. Such talented and creative people who find ways to share their vision. And for all we see and share, there is so much more that we missed. Glad you enjoy traveling with us.

  121. Thank you so much for the beauty

  122. Splendid leg of your journey, never dull reading.

    • Chris does quite a bit of research, and crafts his stories so well, and then accents with his photos. I’m glad I get to see these places with him, and we are able to share with our friends and fans!

  123. It’s pretty cool I get to share your memories. I even have a picture in my head of the singing cleaning lady.

    • She was such a delight! And clearly happy to be singing and dancing as she works! It was quite special to share a conversation with her.

  124. Chris, I love the history lesson intertwined with your daily experiences. You make learning fun. I’m sure Jeannie makes traveling fun. The blog you both create is a treat. Thank you for your effort.

    • Well, most of the time we have fun traveling:) Fortunately we don’t have many bumps in the road, and we bounce back when we do encounter difficulty. There is so much to learn on this journey, about the places, and our experience. Glad you’re with us!

  125. I’m learning so much, my head is going to burst!

  126. Another interesting place I didn’t know existed – thanks! Enjoyable as always.

    • We wish we could have shared a few days in Portugal with you, and look forward to seeing you in France in 2020!

  127. The Agua de Prada Aqueduct is impressive. Very informative and interesting read. Thank you. I also like the cow structure .Moo. Too cool,

  128. Wow what a charming and historical city. Blows my mind to see the old structures and buildings that are still in use. Just amazing. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

    • We are amazed to see how old buildings are preserved and re-used. It might be more expensive this way, but preservation is important to them. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

  129. Great post !
    I especially liked the way you shared the “View of Porto” pictures. Each one a bit closer to the building than the previous. Cool presentation. Thanks

    • Thanks for sharing what you like. With so many pictures, Chris looks for different ways to share them. Your feedback is appreciated!

  130. This was special to me for some reason. Thanks for showing the off the beaten path nooks and crannies of your travels. So colorful and touchable.

  131. Magnificent 💕. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures. Can’t wait to see what you discovered in Lisbon. Happy New Year.


    • Happy New Year Pat! Hope yours will include travel; I’ll be in touch soon to catch up. Enjoy our views of Lisbon!

  132. The cleaning lady has a nice voice. I enjoyed listening to her.

  133. I was in Porto in 87 or 89’. Your great photos make me want to go back. I love the narratives and the idea of spending so much time in one place.

    • Hi Richard, you and Susan should plan some time in Portugal, and make sure to travel slowly!

  134. Thanks!

  135. As always wonderful pictures of a beautiful and interesting city. Thank you for sharing.

  136. Still amazes me how the beautiful old churches are still standing and in use. The bookstore is also amazing. Thanks for all the history and wonderful pictures.

  137. As with most of your posts I think, “Wow, I had no idea!” … how old, how beautiful, how’d they do that?…
    Love it all.

  138. Another wonderful post! Porto is definitely on our list. We missed it first time in Portugal but won’t miss it on our next visit. Wishing you and Jeannie a great holiday season this year. So glad you’ve had another memorable journey 💖.

  139. Very beautifully written and I really enjoyed the Fado Violado.

  140. Two 6 packs are better than one!

  141. Wow fantastic photos and writing!
    I’m still leading my tours of Provence and now in the Dordogne as well.
    Have you visited that area?
    We met several years ago at the Haile village market in Gainesville.
    So happy to see that you’re still loving your amazing adventure!

    • It’s great to hear from you Kaydie! We’ll plan a trip to Gainesville before we leave again, so we can share our adventures in France. The Dordogne is a great region; we’re going to the Loire Valley next. So many beautiful areas of France to see!

  142. Great photos! and dialogue as always!

  143. So diverse! Thanks for the stroll.

    • Yes! Though all the hills made strolling a bit more taxing than Florida. Good exercise to balance all the good calories!

  144. Great pictures and narratives. Feel like I was there with you. Fabulous city and lots to offer tourists.

    • We thought we’d like Portugal, and it was great! We’d love to return, but still so many other places to visit. It would be pretty good if we could align our travel plans and meet somewhere. Something to discuss when we meet in Florida again.

  145. The Ponte Dom Luis I bridge is very impressive. And I really like the beautiful photos of the railway trams. Thank you for sharing this.

  146. Loved your 6 pack!

  147. All that comes to mind is “WOW!”
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Wait till you see pictures of Lisbon, we said wow around every corner! But yes, all other places were pretty good as well.

  148. Fabulous pictures… Love this place

    • We really liked Portugal and all the places we visited (and food we ate…). Happy to share it with you.

  149. What a delightful way to enjoy a day of good music and gelato! Way cool!

  150. Amazing! What caught my eye was the detail work on the Portuguese guitar. Beautiful. Ya’ll have incredible stamina throughout your journeys.

    • We try to pace ourselves but there is always more to see than time allows. Fortunately our blog will allow us and others to enjoy our travels for years to come. It is fantastic to really experience parts of the life here, sights and sounds. Wish we could also share the fragrances and tastes!

  151. I see dates of 1100 and think “How did they do that?” And how does everything survive through the centuries of earthquakes, wars, urban renewal… Amazing stuff.
    I don’t know how you curate all of the info you provide – but you could easily defend a doctoral thesis on European travel.

    • Chris spends quite a bit of time researching the sights he writes about. I learn as much about the places we travel after he posts each blog entry. And we are amazed as well to see these places and how long they survive.

  152. Thanks again!

  153. The country is so colorful, with buildings, art, flowers and markets.
    The vegetable market is incredible!
    Thank you for letting me follow your journeys.

    • We are so fortunate to experience many of the flavors of each country, and are happy to share with you. Thanks for the encouragement.

  154. Magnificent buildings. And to think they were built without today’s modern building equipment. Interesting story about the bats in the library.

    • Many times we find ourselves thinking, how did they do that?! And interesting bits we learn, like the history of the bats!

  155. Great description with all the pics. Really love your posts!

  156. Great commentary and photos as always!

  157. Amazing how old this city is and the buildings still standing. Some postcard perfect pictures, Chris. Thanks for the tour of this city.

  158. Thanks!

  159. loved the post, thanks for sharing!

  160. Wow what a beautiful walkway through some amazing scenery. The stairs are unbelievable. It must have been quite a feat to build that walkway. The terrain looks really rough in spots. Thanks for sharing.

  161. Thanks!

  162. The stairs and swinging bridge looked daunting but quite beautiful

  163. I’m amazed at the energy, not to mention stamina that you two have! The scenery is really beautiful! And Thank you for the tip in reference to motion sickness. I didn’t know that sitting up front in a vehicle was a better position. It makes sense.

  164. Hope and caring and love are everywhere we just have to be open to it! The story was beautiful and it broadened my scope of realizing there are loving people everywhere!!! (even Italy!!!!LOL)

  165. So much blue and so beautiful!

  166. Thanks for the history of the tiles. They are certainly works of art and make the cities and towns so colorful.

  167. OK. Sao Bentinho Chapel and leaving traditional eggs… Was this perhaps the beginning of Eggs Benedict? And that staircase. Wow. Breathtaking in photos. I can only imagine being there!

  168. I love the attention to detail in each tile. Very beautiful! Very interesting read. Thank you.

  169. Wow!

  170. Beautiful blues. And I’m crazy about those tiles!

  171. Wow! Hard to choose a favorite!

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    • Hi Joana, it’s so nice to hear from you. We like traveling slowly so we have time to meet people like you. There are many more stories for us to share and we hope you enjoy them. We have not yet gone to Sintra but have the information you provided, thanks for the tips. And for helping us enjoy some great wine!

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    • We return to Viana do Castelo tomorrow and look forward to seeing it on a normal day. The master story teller/photographer and editor appreciate all comments.

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    • LOL. I noticed that during the parade. So, Niels, I had to research this, and it curiously appears that the flag is not specifically A flag of Norway, but rather the bandeira (flag) of a regional section of the Corpo Nacional de Escutas or Portuguese Scouts. It is indeed a Nordic cross and uses the same colors as the Norwegian flag, though I cannot find a reason for the similarity (other than salted cod which is consumed in VAST quantities here and is mostly imported from Norway). Here is a link to the Portuguese Scouting flag:
      I always look forward to your keen eye catching such details!

      • Ah, yes, I can just make out a little bit of the central golden ornament now that I re-check the picture.

        Interesting. A similar confusion to what I got the first couple of times I watched the Tour de France on TV and saw all the Danish flags, wondering why many of them had a green Saint Andrew’s cross on them; turned out of course to be Basque flags, not Danish :-).

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    • Glad the hurricane is less of a threat to Florida (for the moment) so hopefully you’ll enjoy the rest of your time at the beach. We enjoy hearing about your trips, a blend of tours and independent travel sounds like a good way for you. Let’s see if we can align our plans next year; it would be great to meet up in a new place!

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    • Sorry to correct but they were squid, not octopus. We haven’t yet had the octopus but it is on our must eat list. Glad you enjoy reading our stories! There will be many more experiences in Portugal!

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    • Artists share their unique perspective for us all to enjoy, we just have to notice it. Thanks for sharing Sheboygan’s project; now we need to return to find these images!

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    We took your advice this year and did air B&Bs in the UK in May. we spent 3 weeks in Ireland, 12 days in Cornwall and 15 days in Scotland. We will never use a hotel again for our travels!

    • I can imagine Porto was quite a different place in the 80s. There is much reconstruction going on, cranes are part of the view, almost anywhere you look! We haven’t been to any of the small fishing villages yet but look forward to more colorful sights. We are so glad you and Susan tried AirBnb, having the basics of home rather than a hotel setting makes a longer stay more comfortable. The downside is that if a city does not manage the conversions, it can be quite disruptive for the locals. But we enjoy the daily living, interaction with neighbors, shopping and occasional cooking as we “live” in a new place. Enjoy your travels, maybe our plans will overlap again!

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    • Now we need to watch that episode, we haven’t encountered any fish-ladies yet. But we did walk through a small craft market where they invite you to dance with them. So much fun here. Wish you could join us this year but we’ll have to better align our travel schedules next year! Enjoy your trips!

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    • Yes, this is a great city to explore and we have only just begun. Ha! everyone looks young! We frequently pause, look around, and comment about being the oldest in a group. But that is not a bad thing! In the tavern, we were not “shamed” as my water bottle was hidden in our backpack. And the weather has been a nice break from Florida, but it is odd to occasionally wear a sweater in August (and not while in an air conditioned building!)

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    • Good to hear from you! So many places to choose from, Greece is on our list. We may be heading your way next year, but need to decide what region for walking. Let’s keep in touch!

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    • So glad you enjoy; Chris does a great job at capturing the beauty of our travels. Enjoy life and have fun, wherever you are!

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    • I wasn’t sure what to expect of the Slovenian medical system, and I’m glad my illness wasn’t severe. We do enjoy “living” in different places and that means dealing with the good and the bad. This didn’t slow me down much and we didn’t have to miss any of our next adventure!

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    • It has been exciting, and there still is much to discover. The split from the Austria-Hungary empire occurred in 1918, when it became the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs. Then it was renamed to Yugoslavia in 1929, and became independent Slovenia in 1991. Not only were my family names changed over the years, but the country they came from was renamed at least 4 times in just over 100 years. I did not remember this from my world history class years ago, Google can be a useful tool!

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    • It was a great experience, to see their country and find records in the archives. I have read that initially Slovenians immigrated to the US, and immigration laws in 1924 slowed their entry. This is when significant numbers went to Canada. If my great grandparents had waited some years, we might be neighbors!

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