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Mission Accomplished …

_mg_6945When we first selected Montpellier as the starting point for our nomadic life, I assumed we would likely see it after we’d sold our house, put things in storage, and booked our one way ticket. But then Chris suggested that we should probably check it out just to get a taste of life there, to determine if it would work for us. Having just returned from 10 days in an apartment there, our decision is a resounding Yes!

This was a different stay in Europe than we’ve had before. We didn’t power through the various museums, historical sights, and restaurants reviewed by Trip Advisor. Each day we wandered different parts of the city, explored the heart, and rode the tram to some of the farther reaches. We sat in cafes, sipping coffee and watched the bustle of people going to work, school, and doing the day’s shopping. Of course we only scratched the surface, but we were satisfied with what we saw … the good and the bad.

_mg_6154Most of our meals came from the local market. Les Halles Castellane, around the corner from our apartment, featured a dozen or so local vendors selling meats, produce, fruits, vegetables, cheese, pastries and bread. Freshly prepared ready-to-eat dishes from some of the vendors were an easy option, and though our cooking was minimal, the food was as fresh and flavorful as though we’d prepared it ourselves or even as good as we might find in a restaurant.

_mg_6663After several days without TV, we located some entertainment on the internet and enjoyed dialogue that we could understand. And while our ability with the French language improved minimally, we could usually communicate. We will have to do better next time.

We also traveled by train to two other towns, and found this to be an easy way to see more of the country without the expense and distraction of driving a car.

While there are many details to work out and tasks to be completed, we know that our direction is good.

Full steam ahead!



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  1. Hooray! I knew you would love it. Great experience and wonderful way to start retirement.

  2. Bonjour mon nom est carl john. We enjoyed your adventure. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

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