Meandros en Madrid – 2

Madrid is filled with people. There were times when we felt that they were all on the same street with us. But we could turn off onto a quiet little callejón, and be alone except for the little old lady pulling her two-wheeled grocery cart to the market; or the lone office worker who had stepped outside for a cigarette.

The art galleries, laundry hanging from balconies, street art, litter, beautiful architectural details of past glories, all provide a rich garden from which to gather images. Some are beautiful and ripe, while others are blemished or decaying. Together they all tell an interesting story of life in this incredible city.
This is the second of four-sets of images.

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  1. Great Monogram! You’re famous!!

  2. Love the pictures. Keep them coming.

  3. I’d love to experience the Yarn Installation!! As well as the terraced waterfalls in the park!
    Thanks for the glimpses!

  4. Awesome! The autumn light really comes through.

  5. Love the shoe and bell pieces. How creative. What an uplifting journey this has been. Carry on!

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