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Meandros en Madrid -1

We wander … a lot. It tends to be somewhat directed, but our path may meander like a three-year-old chasing pigeons. Most of these images of Madrid were made sort of on the way somewhere, or once we had arrived, and yet they are a stream-of-consciousness-like collection of visuals and memories of a month of strolling through Madrid. Captions have been added to provide some context, but think of them more as a view through my camera as we ambled through this marvelous city. This is the first of 4 sets of images. (Note that if you click on an image you will get a larger view, and if you click on the small arrow at the bottom you can go full-screen for an even larger view, and there are options for a slide-show.)

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  1. Quite impressive

  2. That is one serious roundabout…4 lanes! Thanks for the aerial shot on that, I can imagine it would be a white knuckle ride.

  3. Great array of pictures. Looks like a great city.

  4. Beautiful pictures. Have a safe journey to U.S. On the Equinox. Hope to see you while you are close by.

  5. The green park bench blew my mind! It is gorg!

  6. Just when I think it can’t get any better, it does!

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