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A Couple of Days in Lyon … Wandering

We had a couple of beautiful days wandering about Lyon, clear skies, great temperatures, and spring flowers everywhere. It is truly a grand city. Not much text in this post, just a visual smörgåsbord to delight the eyes … enjoy.

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  1. Stunning I can’t wait to see it in person!

  2. Chris,
    My daughter is in Lyon now and is leaving for Paris tomorrow. She is spending a month touring Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy before she goes to UFCVM in the fall. She had her picture taken today at Rue Gasparin, also sitting on the lion? Sorry I missed seeing you and Jeannie while you were stateside, but love keeping up with you via your blog.

  3. that’s a Weird Selfie…
    and not the best likeness either.

  4. Beautiful cherry blossoms!

  5. Certainly can see why you like Lyon. Beautiful city and it appears that spring has arrived. Really like the wine barrel bicycle. Enjoy and keep sending pictures.

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