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  • Au revoir Toulouse
    15 July 2017
    Once again it is time to move on, and once again it is time to reflect on the bitter-sweet nature of leaving a place where we have had such wonderful experiences.
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  • Cordes-sur-Ciel – A city in the sky
    03 July 2017
    The route to the hilltop bastide of Cordes-sur-Ciel didn’t allow much of a view of the town until we were close. But the instant we saw it sitting high on its hilltop we knew that this was a good choice…
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  • Bastides and Beaux Villages – part 2
    29 June 2017
    The roads on the way to our next stop, Puycelci were every bit as lovely or even more so as those we had already been on. The cool air that passed through the car carried the delightful fragrances of wildflowers…
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  • Bastides and Beaux Villages – part 1
    29 June 2017
    Our time in France was drawing to an end, and with just over a week remaining, we wanted to take another road trip before we left. Recommendations by many people had suggested that the region between the L'Aveyron and the…
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  • An Apéro Sleep-over
    24 June 2017
    When we first arrived in Toulouse, Jeannie had researched some local groups that we might contact. l’Association France Etats-Unis” is an organization whose goal is to promote friendship and mutual understanding between the peoples of the two countries. It was…
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  • Good Friends, Good Food, and Good Fortune
    13 June 2017
    Serendipity does and will strike again ... someday, somewhere. This is a story of places, people, and memories, some spanning more than 20 years, all revolving around the same region in France, ahhhh.
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  • A visit to the French Basque coast
    10 June 2017
    Saint-Jean-de-Luz - 18 km (12 mi) south of Biarritz and very close to the Spanish border, is a well-protected port that reached its height during the 17th century when it was called the "Viper's Nest" by English sailors.
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  • Beaches, Basques, and Biarritz
    06 June 2017
    We were interested in a trip to Biarritz on the French Atlantic coast, but it required a bit more thought than one might think. Since it is just over 300 km (180 mi), too far to walk, and we don’t…
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  • A Profitable Brotherly Visit
    30 May 2017
    A day never goes by that we don’t marvel at something; whether it is being surrounded by centuries-old buildings, the food, or the culture in general. So, it was curious when, in conversation, we were introduced to the French verb…
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  • The French elect a President
    12 May 2017
    While visiting friends in a small town outside Lyon on 07 May, we were asked if we wanted to walk with them to vote for their President. The opportunity was unique, and it would be five years until the next…
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  • Château de Foix
    29 April 2017
    We were looking for another day trip out of Toulouse and had been evaluating several options, but Foix (pronounced fwa ) kept popping up. Easily accessible by a one-hour train ride, it was in the piedmont of the Pyrenees ...
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  • Food, Glorious Food!
    24 April 2017
    The question has come up before. How do you spend your days? More often than not, some portion of our days are spent shopping.
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  • An Early Train to Albi
    16 April 2017
    Our mornings begin with the sun streaming into our small apartment, but this morning we had to set the alarm to ensure that we got up early for our first journey out of Toulouse since we arrived - to Albi.
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  • Nous Aimons Flâner …
    10 April 2017
    Wandering is one of the ways we get to know a place. Given a choice of directions we almost always pick the way we have ever traveled. Nous Aimons Flâner ... we love to wander.
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  • Jeannie’s Day Out
    02 April 2017
    Yesterday was a very low-key day. Chris woke up with that scratchy, back-of-the-throat thing and by late afternoon we had to cancel our anniversary dinner reservations. Today, the morning again started off rainy and cold, a continuation of the previous…
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  • A Cascade of Light and Color
    30 March 2017
    Before we even walked into the Church of the Jacobins in Toulouse, I was worried that the clear skies, and bright morning light was going to be problematic.
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  • Adapting in Toulouse
    27 March 2017
    Regardless of how many times we move into a new town and apartment, it is still a challenge. That said, it is always an adventure, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Such challenges keep the brain sharp ...…
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  • A Brief Return to Paris
    22 March 2017
    Over the past three years, it was much simpler to depart on another leg of our adventure. Since we didn’t have a house and cars, packing up and going was straightforward ... we just repacked our bags and left. Yet,…
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  • Doors Close and Doors Open
    13 September 2015
    We were preparing to leave France. Our last night was in Avignon where we visited the Ancient Roman Aqueduct Pont du Gard. Our train was scheduled for 8:42 AM and we were 40 minutes early. Standing on the platform, we…
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  • Avignon – the Final Stop in France?
    12 September 2015
    As the TGV (France's intercity high-speed rail service) high-speed train leaves Strasbourg behind, the realization that we are leaving France is really beginning to sink in. In total, we have been in-country more than 9 months, and we are now…
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  • Strasbourg – a Visual Retrospective
    09 September 2015
    Strasbourg was a great location from which to explore this part of Europe. At the eastern edge of France, we were close to the Alsatian wine villages, Germany and the Black Forest, Switzerland and the Alps, but Strasbourg was a…
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  • Ribeauvillé de Nouveau
    09 August 2015
    We slept soundly in this little medieval town, Riquewihr. We had no big plans for the day except to walk back to Hunawihr and then to Ribeauvillé, maybe get some lunch, take the bus back to Sélestat, then catch the…
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  • Return to Ribeauvillé and Beyond
    08 August 2015
    Our return to Ribeauvillé had several goals, all of which had to do with being outside. The weather forecast was calling for clear skies and comfortable temperatures. So, we packed our backpacks for an overnight away. After the relatively short…
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  • Two Hikes Around Turckheim
    04 August 2015
    A few days after our visit to  Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg and Ribeauvillé (previous post) we took the train south and west to Turckheim, famous for its surrounding medieval wall and Gewürztraminer wines. In the morning after gathering some information from…
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  • A Mountain Fortress and a Preview
    03 August 2015
    We have really enjoyed living in the urban apartments throughout France. Partially because it is so vastly different from our life experiences prior to this adventure; the dynamics of living in cities that are centuries or even millennia old is…
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  • Oompah, Dance, and a Saint
    27 July 2015
    Sunday morning woke to rather cool temperatures. Today was a day for long-sleeves. The event today was a performance of musique et danses traditionnelle Alsacienne at the Place Guttenberg, just around the corner from the Cathedral. We arrived a little…
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  • A Night Away in Alsace
    26 July 2015
    Colmar, considered the Alsace's most beautiful city, was founded in the 9th century and still retains stunning medieval architecture, and even its own “Little Venice”. Not far away, Eguisheim is a tiny, beautiful, medieval village, with multicolored houses creating a…
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  • A Tale of Two Expectations
    22 July 2015
    During the summer months in Europe there are always cultural events to experience. We are continually on the lookout for concerts, dance, street performers, or other such events that help make this adventure special. This is one of those events.
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  • Munster
    18 July 2015
    The heat wave here in Europe continues. The temperatures have soared back into the 35-38° C (upper 90s F), and we needed to get out. Where to go? We are near the Vosges Mountains so maybe we can find a…
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  • Voyage Temporel*
    15 July 2015
    Strasbourg is vastly different from any other place we have lived, on so many levels. This city lies on the Eastern border of France, on the Ill River where it flows into the Rhine on the border with Germany. It…
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