• Pescheira del Garda - 2018

    Our first trip to Sirmione (Seer-me-OH-nay) on Lake Garda didn’t turn out as we had planned. It didn’t turn out bad at all, just different than planned.

  • Bolzano / Bozen – Confused? We Were. - 2018

    There was a different feel to this city in the once-Austrian, and now-Italian region of South Tirol. When I tried speaking my rudimentary Italian, I had the feeling that someone in lederhosen might be scrutinizing me suspiciously.

    Brescia - 2018

    Best known as a manufacturing center, Brescia is much more than an industrial town. Its significant history, art, and architecture made for a full day's visit, leaving much still to see.

    A return to Venice - 2018

    The last time we were in Venice, it was our first time to Venice, it was winter, and it was cold. This time it wasn't cold, and it was more crowded, but Venice was every bit as magical.

    Verona – WWII and Today - 2018

    During World War II, Verona, because of its strategic importance, was a target for heavy Allied bombing. The city suffered considerable damage, and to add insult to injury, the retreating German troops destroyed all the bridges.

    Fossil Hunting in Verona - 2018

    As we first walked into the apartment building that we would call home for the next two months, I looked down at the polished limestone and marble floor and in one of the tiles was a spiral-shaped artifact. It was clearly a fossil.

    Romeo $ Juliet - 2018

    Spoiler Alert: "Romeo and Juliet" is fiction; Love is real; and the two are not mutually exclusive or equivalent. Oh, and Shakespeare was a genius.

    Le Piccole Cose - 2018

    For us, there are many advantages to being in one place for a while. We re-learn them every time we travel and stay in a new place. We realize it is something important, but it always becomes more evident after about two weeks.

    A Morning Serenade? - 2018

    Interesting things happen most often when you least expect them.

    Visitare Vicenza - 2018

    We are in our third week in Verona and were in need of another trip, “So, let’s go to Vicenza this Saturday,” Jeannie says. Without looking up, I reply “OK.” Then it dawns on me how that sounds.

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