• Château de Foix - 2017

    We were looking for another day trip out of Toulouse and had been evaluating several options, but Foix (pronounced fwa ) kept popping up. Easily accessible by a one-hour train ride, it was in the piedmont of the Pyrenees ...

  • Food, Glorious Food! - 2017

    The question has come up before. How do you spend your days? More often than not, some portion of our days are spent shopping.

    An Early Train to Albi - 2017

    Our mornings begin with the sun streaming into our small apartment, but this morning we had to set the alarm to ensure that we got up early for our first journey out of Toulouse since we arrived - to Albi.

    Nous Aimons Flâner … - 2017

    Wandering is one of the ways we get to know a place. Given a choice of directions we almost always pick the way we have ever traveled. Nous Aimons Flâner ... we love to wander.

    Jeannie’s Day Out - 2017

    Yesterday was a very low-key day. Chris woke up with that scratchy, back-of-the-throat thing and by late afternoon we had to cancel our anniversary dinner reservations. Today, the morning again started off rainy and cold, a continuation of the previous day's weather.

    A Cascade of Light and Color - 2017

    Before we even walked into the Church of the Jacobins in Toulouse, I was worried that the clear skies, and bright morning light was going to be problematic.

    Adapting in Toulouse - 2017

    Regardless of how many times we move into a new town and apartment, it is still a challenge. That said, it is always an adventure, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Such challenges keep the brain sharp ... or so they say. There are times when my mind just says, “huh?”

    A Brief Return to Paris - 2017

    Over the past three years, it was much simpler to depart on another leg of our adventure. Since we didn’t have a house and cars, packing up and going was straightforward ... we just repacked our bags and left. Yet, we have never reflected much on what we leave behind, but rather what we are going to ... always looking forward, rarely back. Still, ...

    Doors Close and Doors Open - 2015

    We were preparing to leave France. Our last night was in Avignon where we visited the Ancient Roman Aqueduct Pont du Gard. Our train was scheduled for 8:42 AM and we were 40 minutes early. Standing on the platform, we were surrounded by all our luggage. When the train arrived, the doors opened and I hefted the first two large bags aboard, I then returned to get Jeannie and the other bags, and just as we reached the door, it closed and there went our train. “Oh crap! Now what?” hoping that they don’t blow-up unattended luggage.

    Avignon – the Final Stop in France? - 2015

    As the TGV (France's intercity high-speed rail service) high-speed train leaves Strasbourg behind, the realization that we are leaving France is really beginning to sink in. In total, we have been in-country more than 9 months, and we are now heading to Spain with a two-night stop in Avignon. Had we taken the train straight through to Madrid, it would have been a 12+ hour journey, so we opted to break it into two parts, and stop at Avignon to visit the famous Roman aqueduct not far outside of town.

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