• Poreč, Rovinj, Brunji, and Pula - 2018

    On our arrival in Poreč, our transport wound its way down to the dock near our ship. The next week is going to be a different kind of adventure for us.

  • Adriatic Island Hopping - 2018

    Departing early from Pula, our destination was Zadar by way of the islands of Lošinj and Olib. Getting there was indeed, half the fun, but once we got to Zadar there were plenty of wonderful surprises.

    Parks to Palaces - 2018

    The Stella Maris departed Zadar towards our day's first destination, the Krka National Park. Then after an overnight in Primošten, a visit Roman Emperor Diocletian's retirement palace in Split. Oh, and some clean laundry!

    Half the Fun - 2018

    It is often said that getting there is half the fun. And while the exact proportions could be argued, there is no doubt that travel by ship can be a source of entertainment in and of itself.

    Dubrovnik – Pearl of the Adriatic - 2018

    Dubrovnik is about as south as you can go and still be in Croatia. The country is narrow here, next to Bosnia and Herzegovina on the western side of the Dinaric Alps that rise dramatically from the Adriatic.

    The Sieges of Dubrovnik - 2018

    Dubrovnik is beautiful, culturally and physically, but there's a much darker story to be told about this city.

    A Farewell to Dubrovnik - 2018

    Dubrovnik is a spellbinding place set in a valley of ancient walls and fortifications, it offers a remarkable range of back alleys and passageways in which to wander.