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A beautiful Autumn day.

The transit of friendships through life is interesting. Friendships will come and go as we transition through all life’s stages. Times change, situations change, and people change; we grow older, and even best friends can grow apart. It happens.

But sometimes, whether by accident or by design, there are friends who re-enter our lives picking up right where we left off. Yes, you’ve both grown and changed, but from the moment the conversation starts, the years melt away.

After Harry, Mary, and their daughters Sierra and Liz moved to Lexington, Kentucky, we began promising to visit. Had we known how beautiful the region is we would have traveled there sooner. And what could be better than good friends, Bourbon, beautiful weather and Autumn color, Bourbon, horse farms, Bourbon, history, and hiking? …  Well, Harry’s famous butter-sauteed Krispy-Kreme donuts with a Bourbon flambee might be a contender as a breakfast .




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  1. I love the fall and all the colors. That is why I head to NH every October. I wasn’t disappointed this year. But I must say “WOW” your fall visit to Lexington surpasses anything I have seen. Your pictures, as always, are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Butter bourbon donuts, Oh my! Do I even know who you folks are anymore? Thanks for sharing the beauty of people and nature.

  3. Love this! Bourbon and horses! Very cool read and photos.

  4. Super pretty in the fall (and I bet all other times of the year!).

  5. Just “wow”!!

  6. What a beautiful tribute to Lexington! The photos are amazing! We had such fun! I know we will always remain close friends. Xxoo

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