Le Piccole Cose

Due Vespe - WCF-4028.jpgFor us, there are many advantages to being in one place for a while. We re-learn them every time we travel and stay in a new place. We realize it is something important, but it always becomes more evident after about two weeks.

When we were in France we learned a name for it, les petite choses, “the little things”. Here in Italy it is le piccole cose.

Sometimes the little things are small, like a flower or a child’s toy left on a bench; or a shadow that creates patterns on a floor, or a shaft of colored light through stained-glass.

But other times “the little things” are larger. Like the surprises that greet you as you round a corner and see a beautiful scene illuminated by an afternoon’s low, golden light.

In our experience, being aware of “the little things” is the result of simply taking the time to “be there”.

Wherever you are.

Verona is getting busy. The days are getting warmer and longer, and there are more tourists than when we first arrived, but amid the increasing hustle and bustle, it’s easy to turn down a small vicolo and away into another world.

No more words, just a collection of images of the last week or two.

(If you’re interested, there is a section of this blog devoted to past Les Petite Choses images)

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  1. Lovely, lovely; favorite shot is moonlight at the waterfront?

  2. Absolutely gorgeous picture, Chris! They evoke such good memories of Verona, a wonderful city, indeed. We had the chance to see Madame Butterfly in the Arena and it was one of the most intense moment in our lives. Your post has made us want to go back. All the best.

    1. Unfortunately we will miss the opera season here; it would be a great reason to return. Glad to help bring back good memories.

  3. Hi Jeannie and Chris,
    Your representation of Verona, Mantova, Vicenza has been spectacular. Thank you for visiting these beautiful cities and to learn so much about the antiquities, the life style and the people.
    Please, if you have the time, visit Sirmione by Lake Garda located less than 30 minutes away from Verona. Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and Sirmione will be a stunning surprise that you cannot miss. I am home sick! Thanks, Gianna

  4. I get it!

  5. What a great, old, interesting city. Thanks for sharing. Great pictures as always, Chris.

  6. Joan thinks your photos are unreal – probably paintings. I, on the other hand, wonder how many pics did it take you to get that good… a million?

    1. At least! And what amazes me, Chris can look at a photo years later and know where he took it. I can usually guess what country, but not always the city or town. And as much as you enjoy the images, we love to hear from you all; comments are much appreciated!

    2. Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad that you like the images I post. As for the ratio of good images, since we began this adventure in Italy about 01 April 2018, I have made about 3000 photographs and published just over 400, that’s almost 14%. However I would estimate that the number of what I would consider very good is about 20%. About 10-15% of those are variations on the same subject, i.e. different angle, exposure, day, etc; still very good but the same subject. There are about 40% average or snapshot quality, and of the remainder, 15% would be better than average and 15% below average/snapshot quality. I immediately cull the totally failed shots, but those are few, and keep the below average ones since they hold significance to us or assist in establishing a time and place … memories. Answer your question?

  7. Inspiring thoughts, beautiful photos.

    1. Thanks for enjoying, and taking the time to let us know.

  8. A good reminder to me that one can never feel or see it all. Each time has a newness. This chapter tells me how much I cherish ya’ll. Anew.

    1. We seldom feel disappointed that we missed something, the photos are permanent records to relive in the years ahead. And the images have multiple lives, through our friends eyes. Many more chapters ahead, we hope.

  9. I love how you’re experiencing, appreciating and sharing all the details large and small. Great tandem photo too.

    1. And it’s always great when things remind us of our friends!

  10. Affascinante

    1. Decisamente!

  11. To enjoy every day and experience all things, big and small is really a gift. Thank you for sharing this gift.

    1. Your enjoyment is a gift to us!

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