Lasts and Firsts

_MG_5255As the countdown continues we have begun to wax a bit nostalgic. Even though, as I said before, we don’t tend to look back too much, it has been difficult to not to take notice of the lasts and firsts.

For example, last night we had a wonderful dinner with some dear friends, fellow travelers all. While the notion of a last dinner together never occurred to us, we did take notice that it was the last Saturday night we would spend in this country for quite some time to come. And as we walked out to our car we glimpsed up at the almost full moon – our last on this side of the Atlantic for a while.

But as we were briefly sentimental, our thoughts quickly became positive. The next full moon we would see would be somewhere over France. We will mark it as a first among so many that we will greet on this adventure.

Just as when I retired, the things that will be missed most are the people. Of course, those people that we count as friends we will miss the most. But I have always felt that good friends always pick up where they left off, no matter the time that has passed or the distance that is between us. On the other hand we hope to develop more friendships as we travel, adventures of a different sort.

Lasts and firsts, hmmmm. There is only one constant in life – everything changes.

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  1. We count ourselves fortunate and blessed to have had some time with y’all this summer on this side of the pond. We will pick right back up with you when we meet again, whichever side of the pond we are on.

    We extend extended traveling mercies and our hopes and prayers for that you will find joy and kindness and grace even beyond the joy, kindness, and grace you give to others! And have lots of fun for those of us who are living vicariously through your adventures.


    1. Awwwww. Thanks you guys!

  2. I promise I will have the internet set up for your next visit.

    1. At least you know that isn’t why we’re leaving the country. Thanks Mark!

  3. what is a URL please?

    1. The uniform resource locator, abbreviated as URL is also known as web address, particularly when used with HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

  4. Wish we could have spent some time together before you departed on the “adventure” but understand with all the unexpected events.
    Love your posts please keep them coming. We will be so anxious to hear of the life of the nomads 🙂
    Anytime you are back in the states you are welcome to stay here on the river 🙂
    House is coming along great having first guest this weekend.
    Take care, be safe but most of all enjoy the adventure!
    Paula and Rob

  5. We’ll leave the light on for you.
    A month, six months, six years from now!
    **wave wave**

    1. 8^)

  6. Time grows short for you, and longer for us, your dear friends who will miss your presence.

  7. Exciting times as upcoming adventures result in many new memories, and likely new friends. The Fooshees will be missed – have fun!

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