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The transit of friendships through one’s life is interesting. Friendships will come and go as we transition through all life’s stages. Times change, situations change, and people change; we grow older, and even best friends can grow apart. It happens.

But sometimes, whether by design or by accident, there are friends who re-enter our lives picking up right where we left off. Yes, you’ve both grown and changed, but from the moment the conversation starts, the years melt away.

Long-time cycling friends Steve and Debi invited us to try out their newly acquired condo in Keystone, Colorado. They have always been avid skiers and sought out a location to enjoy their winter sports, but also with an eye to avoiding some of Florida’s summer heat. Early September was a great time to enjoy the hiking trails, and it was an outstanding location for spending time together, enjoying some  cooler temperatures, and to do some hiking.

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  1. Beautiful photos and I’m so glad that you and Jeannie enjoyed Colorado. I remember how fortunate I was to have been stationed at Fort Carson back in the day. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  2. Way cool! I’m so glad that you’re keeping up with your blog. Beautiful photos, as always.

  3. Wow what a beautiful place. Great pictures.

  4. Love this.

  5. Hi you two! Nice to see you pop up again and see that you’re still out there traveling. I hope we can reconnect sometime, somewhere again. I lived in Frisco back in the late 80’s when I worked at Copper Mountain for 2 seasons. We’re heading to Costa Rica and Columbia in a few days. Stay well, Joan and Mel

  6. What a nice surprise to see Steve and Debi show up in your photos!

  7. Gorgeous nature shots! How fresh and pristine. But secretly loved that Moose and all-y’all ‘friends’. Truly like when Chris leans his writing toward wise sentiment. You both are a treasure to know, on and off the road.

  8. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Glad to see you traveling with us, great places to also see in the US!

  9. Colorado is so beautiful!

    1. Yes it is. We’re lucky to have friends to encourage us to visit.

  10. Loved your sentiments and photo essay. Summit County is a completely different yet beautiful place in the winter if you ever want to brave the cold. Welcome back anytime!

    1. We will be back, but not sure about winter!

  11. Wonderful photos of a beautiful place. Great to share it with long-time forever friends. Come back when you can ❤️

    1. We will visit again I’m sure. And hopefully you will visit us when you return to Florida. Enjoy all the seasons!

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