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Notre-Dame-en-Saint-Melaine, Rennes, France - MG_1065.jpg

From the 10th century to the 16th century, stained glass windows were the major pictorial art form, particularly in France, Germany, and England. In southern Europe, such as in Italy, frescoes were more common.

During the Gothic and Renaissance periods, large-scale stained-glass windows for religious buildings, such as cathedrals and mosques, and for secular spaces throughout Europe represented some of the most powerful, public art created.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel , France - MG_2553

We frequently find serenity in a soaring stone church, a cool open place to sit, contemplate, and silently express gratitude to the past builders of these monuments. It is always inspiring to realize the faith of those who imagined, planned, designed, built, and labored knowing that they might never see the project completed, as it often took several generations to finish, if even then.

Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral, France - IMG_7862.jpgThe soaring stone pillars and the play of the light cast through the stained glass windows creates a shaded landscape of stone and light. The stained glass windows are never at rest. During the course of a day, they are aroused by the changing light, they glow with energy, the patterns they paint flow across the floor inviting your thoughts to wander with them. To the fabric of ancient churches, they are essential to illuminating both literally and spiritually the building and the people within.

Enjoy these glimpses of the color and beauty of these portals of light and, to some extent the buildings that surround them.



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  1. Thanks, beautiful. Brings back lots of lots of memories of my visits.

  2. Thanks, Chris. Light is such an amazing thing, and you have such an amazing way of capturing its amazing beauty. Grateful to be able to tag along on your talent!

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  10. Happy Sunday to me!! These are pure heaven. Are they on fine art? Love is light, and you captured its beauty

  11. It’s a miracle these beautiful works of art survived the bombing during WW2.

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  13. What a beautiful montage! Y’all have been so lucky to experience this and more. Thanks for sharing

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