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Joan and Mel

We made some new friends, Joan and Mel. They are from the US, got rid of all their stuff, and are traveling kind of like us. We met just in time for them to leave.

Introduced by a mutual acquaintance, we met over drinks a day or so before they were to move to Paris from Lyon. Almost four hours of conversation ensued before we had to go our separate directions. Hopefully we will meet again, down the road.

Today Joan e-mailed Jeannie a quote from John Irving she had found while cleaning her wallet:

“If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.”


Though it is not always easy, we are all glad that we found the courage to take the leap, because it sure is rewarding.

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  1. You are doing what many of us would like to do. Thanks for sharing your dream with all of us.

  2. I must remember that quote always!

  3. I’m so glad we got to know you! Eventhough you left me all alone with Chuck and the computer to live your lifelong dream!!

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