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Jeannie’s Day Out

Anniversary special - WCF-7557.jpgThe morning again started off rainy and cold, a continuation of the previous day’s weather. Yesterday was a very low-key day. Chris woke up with that scratchy, back-of-the-throat thing and by late afternoon we had to cancel our anniversary dinner reservations. It was cold and rained off-and-on throughout the day so even I did not go out. We keep some basic supplies on hand for times like this (Knorr makes some good dried soup mixes, different than what I find in the States, so we always keep some in the cupboard). We slept well and woke up to cool and cloudy skies.

Dinner prep - WCF-7565.jpgBut the cupboard is low on supplies and there is a Sunday outdoor market with lots of good things to buy. So I studied the map, put my destination into Google maps on my phone, grabbed the shopping bags, put on my rain coat and left Chris in the apartment sniffling and coughing.

With only one missed turn, I made it to the market. None of the streets seem to go straight, there are lots of turns and street names change. But we’ve navigated the area a lot in the last 1.5 weeks so I didn’t worry too much about getting lost. And a few extra steps are good since there are many yummy treats to enjoy.

Dinner prep - WCF-7563.jpgI was making up a menu as I walked through the market. It rained lightly off and on so I just pulled up my rain hood, besides there isn’t room between the vendor’s stalls to put up an umbrella. With my limited French (and horrible pronunciation) I managed to buy bread (why can’t we get bread this good in the US? There really is no comparison), ham, cheese (a comte fruite, yum), kale and green onions to add to the leftover rice, chicken pre-seasoned with Herbes de Provence (to make cooking dinner a bit easier), and a head of lettuce (beautiful varieties, and only one Euro each). That should take care of lunch for today and tomorrow, and dinner for today. Hopefully we can go out for dinner tomorrow.

I headed for home, choosing to walk a different route, and made it home without having to look at the map! Even with two bags of groceries, I walked up the 96 steps (since yesterday I spent the whole day sitting around).

Lunch - WCF-7559.jpgAfter unpacking the morning’s purchases, I looked to see where a small grocery store is since all shops will be closed by 1pm today, and we still needed milk and eggs, and maybe some more soup. Back out, and off in another direction but less than half a mile. The little Mono’p (they are small versions of the Monoprix super marché) is bigger than it seemed, with dried goods are upstairs. A long line at the checkout, then I returned home, and again took the stairs (definitely the last time, if I venture out again today).

After a good lunch, dinner will be pretty easy. But now the back of my throat feels a bit scratchy, glad I bought some more soup. The markets will be closed tomorrow but the grocery stores will be open. So if we need anything else, we may have to flip a coin to see who goes out! Oh well, it has been over a year since we’ve been sick, and with all the surfaces we touch and the crowded spaces we are in, that’s not too bad.

Lunch - WCF-7561.jpgThe day temperatures are generally pleasantly cool, though when it gets warmer we will need to request a fan from the apartment managers. It is nice to be able to open the windows, but then we get more street noise, but we are adjusting.

As we are able to connect to the VPN and stream movies from Amazon and the various TV channels, it will be a good rainy afternoon for tea and movies! Unfortunately we are losing an opportunity to visit the local museums. They are free on the first Sunday of the month. But we’ll have two more chances, or we will just have to pay admission!

Since Chris wasn’t with me to document my adventure in photographs, I’ll get him to add images from our wanderings since the last post.

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  1. The food looks yummy!
    Hope you are both on the mends soon.
    Love the updates and beautiful pictures, they seem surreal 🙂

  2. Wonderful slice of life story, Jeannie.

  3. Think healthy thoughts

  4. Most impressive!

  5. Your are absolutely right about the bread!! I’ve been doing some research lately and found that many of the large wheat farmers in the states spray The wheat with pesticides right before harvesting to make it easier!!! Not allowed in Europe. That’s why some people with gluten issues I. The states don’t have the same issues in Europe!! We are lookin into getting a home mill…and bread machine! I love your posts and hope you both get better soon.

  6. Lunch looked yummy, Proud of you, out by yourself and finding your way home, Jeannie. Great pictures. Hope you both feel better soon.

  7. Bread, ham, cheese, olives and lettuce , beautiful! Perfect. Speedy recovery

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