It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

 In the Slovene National Museum. - WCF-9588.jpgIt was our last night in Ljubljana, but there was no rain or clouds or winds. Yesterday we visited a couple of museums, including the Slovenian National Museum, but Jeannie hadn’t been herself. After an early dinner she said “I don’t feel so great and my stomach is still a bit unsettled.”

Our alarm was set for 07h00, but Jeannie woke at 03h00, and she had a temperature of almost 102°F. She made multiple trips back and forth to the toilet over the hours.

Today really wasn’t a good day for this. We were supposed to finish packing, check out, then get picked up to go on to the next leg of our Slovenian adventure. But no, things happen, so I began the research for what we should do next. I called our travel insurance Allianz to register the medical need and get a claim number, just in case. At 07h00 I called the local medical center and after describing Jeannie’s symptoms they referred us to the University Medical Center urgent care.

The sign. - WCF-113343.jpgAfter notifying the apartment owners and sending a message to Luka, our walking holiday host who was scheduled to pick us up later, we took a taxi to the urgent care at the hospital. It was only a few blocks away but Jeannie was not feeling up to walking.

Navigating the urgent care system in Slovenia was relatively easy; fortunately most people speak English. We were directed across the large open waiting area to red door number four. Seems that the first thing you do is wait your turn in triage (not too long a wait on an early Saturday morning).

The Urgent Care in the University Medical Center. - WCF-085052.jpgWhen it was Jeannie’s turn, I accompanied her into the small triage room. The nurse spoke English was fairly well as he asked all the requisite questions. There was only a slight fever now, but her blood pressure was very low. The nurse then gave us the paperwork to take to the office clerk, where an initial record was created and handed back. We were then directed to wait to be called from someone behind the glass doors.

University Medical Center Urgent Care entrance. - WCF-113332.jpgIt wasn’t long before someone came out and called Jeannie’s name. It sure sounded different in Slovenian! After being led into an exam room, the doctor asked more questions and examined Jeannie further. She said they would take blood and urine samples, and give her fluids for dehydration.

At that point it was 09h30 and the cleaning people would be at the apartment by 10h00 and not all of our stuff was ready. So I left Jeannie in the waiting area and walked back to the apartment to take care of things.

Jeannie recalls: “A nurse drew blood, and then hooked up an IV. I lay back on the table thinking I can get some rest. But no, this space will be needed. So the IV bag is put on a stand with wheels. My hand is guided to the pole and I am led back to the waiting room. Oh and I am carrying an empty urine cup and pointed to the restroom so I can produce the sample when ready. Joy.”

Grafitti near our apartment in Ljubljana. - WCF-9561.jpgI finished at the apartment leaving the bags so the cleaners could work around them, and returned to join Jeannie in the waiting area. She was soon recalled and led back to the exam room for the test results. The blood work indicated a possible infection, so an antibiotic was recommended. In the end, the diagnosis was that it was probably a food born issue – the bane of travelers everywhere.

Next, we went back to the office clerk, paid our bill €79.85 (not quite $100), which was not bad for an ER visit, lab tests, and fluids, and then took the prescription around the corner to the pharmacy to be filled.

By this time it was almost noon, and Jeannie was feeling much better, in fact the best indicator was that she was hungry. She also felt well enough to walk the short distance back to the apartment. There was a café on the way home so we stopped for a light lunch.

As a result of my communication with Luka, he arranged for a taxi to pick us up from the apartment and take us to Pri Lenart, our next destination out in the country. The countryside at Pri Lenart, our base for the next week of hiking in Slovenia. - WCF-9684.jpgThe taxi ride was pleasant. As we went further and further into the green countryside, up and down roads, then up and further up on narrow country lanes the views became even more beautiful. After almost an hour we arrived.

With her recovery progressing rapidly, we could begin to look forward to the hiking we would be enjoying over the next week.


Some parting shots taken on the last couple of days around Ljubljana (before the “storm”).




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  1. Wonderful parting photos. Interesting healthcare insight from within another country.

    1. More photos of beautiful Slovenia will follow, from out in the country. But no further medical incidences!

  2. Happy to hear Jeannie’s illness wasn’t too serious. All the pics are lovely but
    I especially like your photos of the Old Town and the river- so colourful, almost looks painted.

    1. We are lucky to not have experienced any illness or injury too serious. I think I preferred this experience over Chris’ root canal and overlay. And our travel insurance covered both sets of expenses.

      The city is quite colorful and lively, we’d love to return. But so many other places to go…glad Croatia followed and we could share the cruise with fabulous people like you!

  3. I enjoyed the report on Jeannie’s illness but happy she made a quick recovery.

    1. Chris took good care of me and managed to get us organized to leave one lodging and transfer to the next. Not the best timing, but it all worked out in the end.

  4. I was grimacing while reading the beginning of this. Glad it got better at the end.

    1. Me too!

  5. I’m so glad that your infection was short lived. The emergency room personell seem top notch. I can relate to Jeannie having to navigate ,while being tethered to an iv and having carrying a sample bottle. Not a fun time! I’m happy that y’all got back into the groove of your travels.

    1. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the Slovenian medical system, and I’m glad my illness wasn’t severe. We do enjoy “living” in different places and that means dealing with the good and the bad. This didn’t slow me down much and we didn’t have to miss any of our next adventure!

  6. So happy it wasn’t anything too serious for Jeannie. It brought back the memory when we were departing China and Jeannie and you Chris had to stay behind as Jeannie was not up to snuff.
    Happy all is good and enjoy your hiking in Pri Lanert. Stay well hugs Fae

    1. This time I was not nearly as sick as in China and it didn’t really interfere with our hiking holiday. Glad this post is done so Chris can now share the fabulous time we had out in the country. We hope to see you somewhere in our future travels. Have you been to Portugal? That may be next year’s location.

  7. Happy Ending!

    1. Definitely!

  8. Sorry that Jeannie was ill but sounds like she was well taken care of. Ljubljana looks like it was a great city to visit. Some great pictures.

    1. Ljubljana was a great city to explore and I’m glad I was fine for most of our visit. We’d love to go back again, to the city, not to urgent care!!

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