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Dec 192017

Click above for a much larger version.

  14 Responses to “Happy Holidays to All”

  1. Christmas Love to you both. That was such a creative way to express the spirit of Christmas!

  2. Chris and Jeannie: When you first posted this, I thought it was so amazingly beautiful and my opinion hasn’t changed. It seems that if you look for the beautiful in life, it will find you. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. This is a beautiful world we live in, and you have helped us pay attention to that in ways we never would have without you. Thank you for a Christmas present that has added so much to our lives ever since your travel adventures started.


  3. Happy Christmas from Selsley walkers. We so much enjoyed your company and thought of you yesterday for our final walk of 2017. (And two of us hope you enjoyed your time in Oxford too). Have a lovely time.

  4. Beautiful images and sentiment. Thanks and holiday hugs to you both!

  5. Merry Christmas!

  6. I didn’t see snow in even one of those pictures. Me thinks you need to spend time in a winter wonderland of a freshly snow-blanketed forest where the peace you feel is tangible and the quiet is only broken by your crunching footsteps or heaving breath. …You can find that in Wisconsin BTW.
    Love you more.
    Butch & Joan

  7. Happy Holidays to you both!

  8. SHALOM TO YOU ALL. I love the photos.

  9. Stunning! Merry Christmas to you as well! Love you both!

  10. What a stunning Christmas greeting! Merry Christmas to you, Jeanie and Chris, We wish you the brightest and happiest of New Year’s adventures, what ever those may be. Bob and Lee Anne

  11. What a great holiday greeting. You have seen a lot of churches. Merry Christmas to you and Jeannie.

  12. Thank you for your Holiday wishes. We pray you have a Blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Much love to you both, Allen and Neona

  13. Loved it!

  14. Much love and happy holiday wishes. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah. ❤️

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