Goodbye to Ireland

Departing Dublin Port - WCF-0897.jpg

We arrived at our hotel in Dublin after 18:00 (6:00pm) and were pretty tired after the day’s drive and visit to Newgrange. After a good night’s sleep, we caught an early taxi to Dublin Port where we boarded a ferry for the 3.5-hour ride across the Irish Sea to Holyhead, Wales. The crossing was smooth and partly sunny.

Then we took a train to Manchester, then another train to Clitheroe, then a taxi to Waddington, arriving at our apartment about 18:00 (6:00pm).

Clearing the jetty at Dublin Port - WCF-0931.jpgWe went through all this because, well, flying can be such a hassle. The security issues, weight limits, and all, and we would have had to take the train from Manchester anyway. Besides, this was really much more fun and interesting, and we aren’t in a hurry … Slow Nomads, remember?

In all it was a good trip, no problems or delays. But we were hungry. So, after settling in for a bit we walked just a few doors down to the Waddington Arms, one of three pubs in this little village. Affectionately known as the Waddy Arms, we had a delicious meal and drinks then returned to the apartment for a good night’s rest. Tomorrow starts a whole new adventure.

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  1. Looking forward to this leg of our trip.

  2. Looking forward to your England adventure.

  3. Can hardly wait for the “whole new adventure”!

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