Flowers, Fungi, and Fliers

 A stop for the wildflowers. -WCF-9941.jpgWe were expecting beautiful vistas overlooking the foothills and mountains of the Julian Alps, and we certainly weren’t disappointed. Since it was already mid-June though, we assumed that the wildflower season was past its peak. And though it may have been past peak we were not displeased; no, far from it.

On every trail we walked, we encountered a multitude of colorful wildflowers, beautiful fungi, and a wonderful variety of insects (specifically butterflies and moths – the fliers).

Pyramidal orchid (Anacamptis pyramidalis) - WCF-9882.jpgThere were no rare finds on our hikes; all are likely considered common, and widely distributed throughout most of Europe.  But every one we “discovered” was beautiful, different, and fascinating.

Whether they were the numerous species of terrestrial orchids, the mushrooms that pushed up through the leaf litter of the forest floor, or the mysterious clear-winged moths, we were mesmerized by the flora and fauna all around us.

When our eyes looked up from the beauty of the earth around our feet to include the mountainous backdrop covered with forests, fields, and meadows, we were in awe.


The images may or not have the identity of the subject, but I have tried to identify several of them. Any further identifications, insights or corrections would be greatly appreciated. Please include the image filename with any input.

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  1. “Likely considered common”-Not from my vantage point!
    Thanks. Chris, for reminding me to look for the “common things” all around me that are filled with beauty.

  2. Hi Chris, number 29 is grass iris, number 30 probably fragrant orchid, number 18 probably common spotted orchid, number 44 probably three toothed orchid, number 56 lesser butterfly orchid.
    All the best, Luka

    1. Luka, so good to hear from you. Hope everything is going well for you all. Thanks for the botanical update, I just finished updating the post. Chris

  3. Absolutely awesome vistas. What a beautiful country. Amazing how you spotted so many different flowers, mushrooms and insects. Especially enjoyed the wild orchids.

  4. Uncommon photos that capture for the rest of us what others elsewhere may see as everyday. Nice.

  5. Beautiful and amazing! Mom has always said “There is always a fungus among us.”

  6. Thanks!

  7. I love the orchids. Very beautiful!

  8. So beautiful, the little yellow globes I had not seen ever

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