Fête des Lumières – Night 2

Together with our new friends Nicolas and Lucie (a great story that will have to wait til later), we returned to the Fête des Lumières. Though most of the images are repeats, they show different parts of the sequences that we saw. Keep in mind that the images that are projected on the buildings are filled with motion and constantly change during each performance. Some use the architecture as part of the imagery and some merely use it as a screen on which to project. The music and sounds that accompany each performance truly adds to the beauty and magic.

For us this specific evening, something else was equally impressive, … the crowds! I have never seen so many people. From young children, teenagers, college students, parents, and grandparents everyone was in the spirit of the season and the event. It is said that the Fête des Lumières is one of the largest festivals in the world. Third only to Carnival in Rio, Brazil and Oktoberfest in Munich, it draws over 3 million into the city during the 4 nights. Every street was filled with people moving between the 70 venues.

It was marvellous!

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  1. Amazing

  2. Double Wow!!

  3. Wow you guys are so lucky to have seen such grand light displays. Great pictures and I’m sure what you saw when moving was spectacular . Happy you shared your experience.
    Hope all is good. Good health to you both and have a fabulous Merry Christmas abroad or whatever the celebration might be. Hugs Fae from Canada

    1. So good to hear from you Fae. Yes,we are so lucky in so many ways, but the best is that we have friends like you that we have been able to stay in touch with over the years. Please e-mail one of these days and let us know what adventures you have been on. Merry Christmas et Joyeux Noël! Double hugs back at’cha!

  4. OOH! AAH! Love that lion, and the one with a stained-glass look to it!

  5. So colorful!

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