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Fête des Lumières – Night 1

_MG_8828.jpg Last night was the first of four nights when the city is brightened up by 70 installations that create a truly magical atmosphere, and that is in addition to all of the lights in stores and on the streets. The festival is probably one of the three biggest festive gatherings in the world in terms of attendance (after the Rio Carnival and Oktoberfest in Munich) with over 3 million tourists coming to Lyon.

The streets were packed with hundreds of thousands of people, old and young, families, children in strollers and atop dad’s shoulders. The cold temperatures were hardly noticed, and vin chaud (hot, spiced wine, yumm) and food was plentiful. We walked almost eight miles from venue to venue and probably only saw 20% of the installations, if that.

I have to apologize for these photos, because the quality is not up to my usual standard. However, tripods and long exposures were not options, so I just went for sharing the moments. Unfortunately, still images can’t tell the stories of the animated buildings and lightshows, the sounds of the throngs of people, squeals of delight from the young children, or the smells of the foods and spiced wine, … but I hope they give a hint to what was a magical evening.

And we will be out for three more nights!

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  1. Did you know this was about to happen when you made the decision to go to Lyon? What a fantastic experience. I’m jealous.

    1. We did not know but found out before we arrived; it surpassed our expectations. Usually we arrive after or leave before an event but this was fabulous luck!

  2. Wow!

  3. Still wonderful pictures. How very special that you are there for this most interesting festival. Keep the pictures coming.

  4. Wow – never seen Lyon like that.

    In Sweden they would say “Lysande!”, which strictly means “luminous”, but is also used in the sense of “excellent”.


  5. Completely amazing. I felt like I do when watching fireworks. OOH! AAH! And then, another one, and another one. I love the teapot, the lamp, and the images on the ferris wheel or whatever that was. Can’t wait for more!

  6. Wow what a wonderful experience. Puts us Americans to shame! Stunning I cannot imagine seeing this in person!

    Love, Mary

  7. Spectacular way to celebrate the holidays!

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