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Existential Angst …

_MG_6821 Dear reader, this blog isn’t just for you. This blog is first and foremost MY journal of the experience of this craziness we have embarked upon. If it were Jeannie’s journal it would be a spreadsheet complete with pivot tables. And she does really GREAT pivot tables, but hardly as riveting as my inspired prose.

Because this is a journal, you are subjected to a bunch of preliminary preparation stuff and philosophical introspection. However, if you (we) will be patient we will get to a place that is more interesting than house selling and packing angst.

As the house has sold, packing angst is increasing. Even after two garage sales and lots of giveaways, we still have lots of stuff. Hmmmmm, keep or trash, trash or pack? The obvious option is to pack it up and decide later … problem solved … at least for the moment. The perverse, fun side of me says that when we open some of these boxes at some point in the future, we’ll scratch our heads and ask “why in the world did we pack that?”

And that is one of the reasons for keeping this journal. We will be able to come back here and remember the anguish of the stupid decisions that will become future angst.

As we make our way through all of these problems, we are often reminded of the significance of what we are doing … at least for us. Life is going on around us. We watch as our (young) friends are having happy babies that smile and giggle with abandon. We have friends beginning treatment for life-threatening illness. And we have friends who have passed, some too young, and some for whom passing was not a happy thing but was a good thing.

The future is unknown … postpone nothing.

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  1. The future is unknown … postpone nothing. That’s my motto!


  2. You have taught me the hmmm to pause. So hmmm. Zen time is not linear time. Like predicting a future reflection.

  3. And some of your friends are exploring the US, crossing AL, MS, AR so far. With the trusty RV, Scout, and truck, Chief Silverado.

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