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Easy, we don’t need no stinkin’ easy?

P1010457The garage sales are over, and trips to take items to Goodwill and the county recycling center have finally slowed to a trickle. Tomorrow (Thursday, May 15th)we will upgrade from a 5’X5′ storage unit to a 10′ x15′ unit. The house goes on the market this coming Friday (May 16, 2014), and we have arranged the first three months apartments in France. It looks as if this is really happening.

Of course, at the peak of the chaos, Jeannie’s father Gene, at 85 had a pretty difficult bout with appendicitis. That had us deeply concerned and running back and forth to Tampa to tag-team with siblings to coordinate his care. For now it appears that things have stabilized, and we can re-concentrate on the zillion other things that need to be done.

MG_2423Dealing with Jeannie’s Dad has only underscored this process of downsizing, even if we weren’t going on our nomadic adventure, the downsizing is a good thing. But like any change it can be difficult, one must stay focused on the goal. Besides I have always said that “Not all adventures are fun, but all adventures are good.”

So much has been done, yet there is still so much to do – simplifying one’s life sure is complicated.

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  1. So excited for the two of you, Chris! I would be willing to bet that after this time as a nomad you will wonder why you ever needed all the stuff you had to begin with. Shawn (Murf) and I will be living full time in our little travel trailer for 2 years come July 4th and we’re still downsizing! We just sold our home in Jacksonville a week ago so we are officially homeless……and loving the freedom of it. We just landed in the northern reaches of NY 2 days ago and will be here to continue work on the log cabin till we head south again to Big Cypress Gallery for another season of swamp walks and connecting people with Clyde’s photography. Keep up the posts! C

  2. Wow, Chris & Jeanie, have fun on your world tour. I’m somewhat jealous. Will follow your exploits via the web.


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