Departing Porto

View of Porto from Vila Nova de Gaia. - WCF-8527.jpg25 September 2019 – We were packed. The taxi was on its way to take us to the train station to depart Porto. I can’t say that I was really ready to go, but the excitement of going to a new place is always greater than the sadness of leaving.

As we finally gathered our bags by the door of our apartment, I heard a whistled melody coming from the stairwell outside. Listening, the whistling changed to a song that was being sung by the cleaning lady as she mopped the stairs.

Audio – The Singing Cleaning Lady – Porto:


Sunset from the Terreiro da Sé (Patio/terrace of the Cathedral) - WCF-2.jpgLater, as we waited by the front door she walked by and I thanked her, in very broken Portuguese, for her singing. Then we had a wonderful, animated conversation though neither of us spoke the other’s language.

Such was our time in Porto. We came with few expectations, but we left with a song, a smile, and memories of good food and wine, remarkable sights, great weather, and exceedingly friendly people. Though we still have over a month remaining in Portugal as we head to Lisbon by way of Évora, we will remember Porto fondly. Oh, and by the way, the street where we lived, Rua da Alegria, translates to Street of Joy.

So, as farewell we leave you with a selection of images that will hopefully convey, together with our other posts what a wonderful place it has been.


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  1. It’s pretty cool I get to share your memories. I even have a picture in my head of the singing cleaning lady.

    1. She was such a delight! And clearly happy to be singing and dancing as she works! It was quite special to share a conversation with her.

  2. Great post !
    I especially liked the way you shared the “View of Porto” pictures. Each one a bit closer to the building than the previous. Cool presentation. Thanks

    1. Thanks for sharing what you like. With so many pictures, Chris looks for different ways to share them. Your feedback is appreciated!

  3. This was special to me for some reason. Thanks for showing the off the beaten path nooks and crannies of your travels. So colorful and touchable.

  4. Magnificent ?. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures. Can’t wait to see what you discovered in Lisbon. Happy New Year.


    1. Happy New Year Pat! Hope yours will include travel; I’ll be in touch soon to catch up. Enjoy our views of Lisbon!

  5. The cleaning lady has a nice voice. I enjoyed listening to her.

    1. Yes she does, and we were glad to hear and meet her!

  6. I was in Porto in 87 or 89’. Your great photos make me want to go back. I love the narratives and the idea of spending so much time in one place.

    1. Hi Richard, you and Susan should plan some time in Portugal, and make sure to travel slowly!

  7. Thanks!

    1. You’re welcome!

  8. As always wonderful pictures of a beautiful and interesting city. Thank you for sharing.

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