Frank Lloyd Wright often employed a principle he called “compress and release”. He used it to help direct people from one area to another. One author described it as “Sometimes, when we are comfortable in our surroundings, we are not particularly aware of them—it is only when we are made to feel slightly uncomfortable that our senses are peaked enough to truly notice the environment that we are standing in, motivating us to move.”

We were pretty comfortable in our surroundings. But broken pipes, lightning hits, and upcoming maintenance needs were rather motivating. So we began moving in a rather big way.

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Don’t you wish we were staying with you?

Currently, we are in an intense compression mode. We are living from many suitcases that contain the clothing and things we will need for a year in Europe, as well as those items we need now and for our crazy domestic travel (Texas, Wisconsin, and North Carolina). Schlepping all this stuff about, to and from our temporary lodgings with friends surely makes it look as if we are moving in. The one thing that might make it easier would be a shopping cart.

At least when we fly to other places we are limited to the amount of stuff we can take, but it can be perplexing trying to remember which suitcase my tee-shirts are in, or if they are in with the socks, … nope, here they are with my lenses. The entropy of stuff.

Packing for our final domestic trip before we depart for France is made more difficult in that we needed to move to the home of another friend due to the death in the family of the friend we were originally staying with. … Does that sound complicated? … Compression.

Tomorrow we fly to Asheville to visit with longtime friends and relocated neighbors. After we return, there will be about two weeks before we then go to France. Of course, during that time we will have to sell both cars, move the last of our stuff into storage, and pack a year’s worth of clothes and gear into two suitcases and a couple of backpacks, and tie up any last loose ends.

Then, maybe … decompression.


For the curious, our current itinerary looks like this:

  • July 19 – July 29 we will be in Asheville, NC,
  • July 30 – August 14 we will be in the Central Florida area,
  • August 15 we fly to Paris, arrive on the 16th, and take the train two hours west to Rennes, in Brittany, where we have an apartment for six weeks.
  • October 10 we will move south to Montpellier where we have rented another apartment for another six weeks.

After that, let’s just say that we haven’t a clue. Keep reading, and when we know, you’ll know.

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  1. Lug your gear to Palatka, I’ll let you crash on my couch for a weekend!

  2. Well you’re certainly leaving an ‘impression’ with me. 😉

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