Huge old live oak forest. - WCF-0903.jpgThe Circle-B-Bar Reserve is almost 1300 acres of protected lands in Polk County, Florida near Lakeland, Florida

There are many miles of well-maintained trails, with the most popular being the Alligator Alley Trail. It runs along Lake Hancock, a large, alligator-inhabited lake where the large reptiles may be seen – some up close and rather personal.

Big gator - WCF-0930.jpgLake Hancock has a well-earned reputation for gators more than 10 feet long. The largest gator taken on Hancock measured 13 feet, 4 inches.

Even more impressive and much less threatening is the amazing amount of bird life. All of the usual suspects were there – herons, egrets, grackles, anhingas, and lots of unidentifiable little tweets; but the stars are there as well, including a bald eagle and painted buntings.

Heron in profile - WCF-1000.jpgCircle-B-Bar has become extremely popular, so it is best to get there very early. We arrived just before 0800 but earlier would have been better, as the parking lot and trails can get progressively more crowded.

Another of the stars of Circle-B-Bar though are the massive live oak trees, whose outstretched limbs, are draped in Spanish moss. The big, old cypress trees along the lake shore are ideal perches for all of the water birds that need a spot to rest or dry their wings.

It is a spectacularly beautiful location that is well worth multiple visits over time. And we WILL return … soon.

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  1. I’ve always loved these old trees. Each has stories. Beautiful shots!

  2. Wonderful pictures. Enjoyed how you captured the squirrel eating. Also the up front and personal pics of the gators. Great work.

  3. Beautiful photos.

  4. One of these days I hope to get there

  5. Great pics! Beautiful place but perhaps a tiny bit scary!

  6. Very beautiful!

  7. You are so gifted. Beautiful pictures as always.

    1. Have always wanted to go there. Thanks for bringing this place to my attention again. Late Happy birthday to Jeanne.

  8. How many gator eggs go into your omelette?
    Love and appreciate your excellent nature and wildlife pictures.

  9. I had never heard of this place before! Thanks!!

    1. I too had not known of this Park. And as usual your photos make it so enticing. We will check this out for sure.

  10. Great write up and photo captures. Thanks!

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